2016 Suburban Lease

2016 Suburban LT plus multiple packages
MSRP - $67165
Sale: $62717
10,000 miles per year
Residual is 51%
Money factor is .00110 (US Bank)
$643 x 48 months
1500 due @ signing
Taxes and fees included

Costco member so supplier pricing
Competitive lessee
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I’m not sure I’m getting the right Sales price but this is where the dealer got to. I can’t make it add up…

I am no expert but people recommend not doing 48 month leases.

Huh ok. How come? Sorry I’ve never done a 48 either.

First warranty usually runs out after 36 months. Also your deal you paying about 35000 in total, which makes more sense to buy. Leasing that long best to buy in my opinion. However, if you got the car already and you happy with it that is all that matters. Looks like some rebates are being applied to make payment lower as with your numbers i get about 700 a month before fees and taxes.