2016 Subaru Legacy Limited Lease Deal

I am looking at leasing a 2016 Subaru Legacy Limited with Eyesight, which MSRPs for $32,004. I just got a lease quote from one local dealer for $360.85 per month ($20.43 of that is taxes) for 42 months. The money factor is .00045 and the residual is $16,962.12. I’d have to also pay $631.89 up front for the first month and “upfront charges”.

This is my first lease, so I’m still in the process of learning. Is this a decent deal? My gut tells me, it could be better, but I’m not entirely sure.


Looks like a selling price of roughly $29,700 on a $32,004 car, which is on par with what I’m seeing on TrueCar for your area.

The relatively low residual on Legacy (53% for 42 months), coupled with the lack of any incentives, makes this a relatively expensive lease. If you still like the car after 42 months, it might be a good vehicle to purchase at lease-end.

Subarus tend to sell pretty well without any discounts, so they have no reason to offer heavily subsidized residuals or rates.