2016 Silverado lease wisconsin

Looking to lease 2016 Silverado crew 4wd lt2. Msrp is 48575. Looking to lease 24 or 36 months 15000 miles. Local dealers are throwing around high lease numbers. What would be good lease 0 down.

15,000 miles per year
24 mo: 68% residual, .00130 MF
36 mo: 59% residual, .00075 MF
39 mo: 58% residual, .00075 MF
$500 GM Financial lease cash

Targeted incentives: $2,500 Volt Loyalty or $1,000 Conquest Cash (own or lease non-GM) or $500 GM Lease Loyalty

Assuming $3,000 off MSRP and $1,000 Conquest Cash, I’m seeing $478/month + tax on a 39/15K lease of a $48,575 Silverado.

Feel free to play around with the numbers on our lease calculator: http://leasehackr.com/calculator/

I have been having the same issue. All of the dealers I have talked to are offering leases but will not discount below MSRP for a lease but will discount 15% for a purchase. If I could get a similar discount for a lease I would have some very good numbers.