2016 Q5 Audi Premium Lease - Is this a good deal?

Premium package 2016 Q5

3750 down and 315 per month before taxes , 36 months, 7500 miles/year .25 per mile for extra

residual was .57

never understood why people put money “down” on a lease… just not savvy with their money? You do realize if the car is stolen or totalled within first few months you did nothing to protect your money that you put “down”?

I want to keep my monthly down, hence putting money down. For the scenario you mentioned, GAP insurance should cover me.

I think most folks would hold onto that down pmt (even if you use it to subsidize your monthly payment). Because, if the vehicle is totalled, Gap insurance will NOT give you your down pmt back. Gap only pays the lien-holder the diff between actual cash value and amount you owe them. Never a payment to you.

yes, what /\ he said. Also by setting that money into your savings account and transferring the difference to your checking account monthly when it’s time to pay the bill would be keeping your monthly payment the same exact ammoumt while protecting your money. Just a thought :)… my personal thought is that putting money down is designed for people of low socioeconomic standing who are poor with understanding how to manage their finances and are tricked by dealers into putting money down to LOWER their payment… the only thing that’s low… well… is their IQ… don’t be that guy…

Thanks Guys, this is my first time leasing, so these basic concepts are not too obvious to me.

What you guys think should be a good price per month with 0 down ?

http://www.ridewithg.com/calculator/ plug in all the numbers there, press calculate and post the screen shot of the entire screen… my prediction is that it will be a terrible lease deal (Audi has been leasing terribly last 8 years or so) unless you can get them to discount the car HEAVILY