2016 Passat 3.6 SEL lease?

Does anyone have most recent VW lease conditions and incentives? I am looking at the above Passat model with an MSRP of 38k

I got an offer for $380 / month with a residual of 17k for a “new” car with 5k miles (36months / 10k miles p.a.)

2016 Passat 3.6 SEL Premium
36/10K: 47% residual, .00015 MF
$1,000 Bonus Cash

In addition to Bonus Cash, there’s a lot of dealer cash for Passat, so expect a hefty discount off MSRP.

I got an offer for
$1k upfront, 47% residual, $408 / month (in NY)
MSRP 38,650

Thoughts? Seems like a decent discount to MSRP

What is the sale price?

Is the $1k upfront a down payment or the drive-off amount? If not, what is the total drive-off amount?

Does the $408 include tax?

I don’t know what the sale price is.

The $1k is drive off and the $408 includes tax

So it looks like they are giving you a sale price of $33000 (14.6% off MSRP). It’s definitely a pretty good discount, but the poor residual kills any chance of getting a crazy good lease price. If they could take another $1k off the sale price, it should bring the payment down to $381.

Have you considered looking at other vehicles?

A dealer in so cal just told me the residual for a 36/15K lease on a 2016 v6 SEL premium is 42%!!! Is that right?

Must be right if dealer told you, he can’t change it. Besides, don’t be surprised by 42% on 2016 top trim VW in December.

The op is looking at payments of around 350. Over 36 months it is around 13k. Best deal for this car seems to be to buy a 3 yr old off lease for 40% of msrp around 16k and drive it for three years. Payments will be lower.

If you can get a 3 yr Passat with 20k miles and at 40% msrp then buying used makes more financial sense.

You can buy a very well equipped R Line Passat with lighting package, blind spot monitor, etc. for about $22k if you could accept a 4 cylinder engine.

I have driven the 1.8L 4 banger. It’s grossly underpowered for that size car. The 3.6L narrow angle V6 is the engine that SHOULD be in that car. There’s a reason for the price hike. Just wish the resid was higher. The dealer was very aggressive w/ marking down the sale price to 21% under MSRP and gave me prime MF after I called him on trying to inflate it on me. The only thing is the residual. Darn. Real shame. =-/

I have driven used cars my entire life but I specifically like the 2016+ interior and infotainment system in all the VWs. I also have a 2016 GTI and just love love love it. I think it’s one of the classiest, understated interiors and infotainment systems avail period, including Audi. I think the GTI, GLI, and SEL Premium lines truly are budget Audi quality.

Fair enough. Hope you get a good deal

Here’s how one way to get the best price from your local dealer.

Do a national or regional search for Passats, find the least expensive one for sale in the trim line that you like. Then figure out the actual selling price. Typically the least expensive advertised prices doesn’t include costs such as freight $820 and is discounted by incentives you may or may not qualify for such as a $1,000 owner loyalty or $500 recent college grad, etc.

I suggest you call up the advertising dealer and ask what their out the door price including dealer fee is or you can spend some time on their website figuring out any gimmicks they used to get that low price.

Now you have the lowest listed price out there including dealer fee. Your dealer should be able to match it with no additional dealer fee.

Search example: http://goo.gl/f04713

I am at the end of my lease and just scheduled an inspection. Of course yesterday on the last drive I blew my tire out.

Should I get new tires or let it be part of the inspection? I only have 17k miles on the car

also, I cannot seem to start a new topic. what am I missing?

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To answer your question, as long as you have it inspected before turn-in, you can make a decision after you see what they’re going to charge you. If you can find a tire that matches the other 3 on bestusedtires, you can get one of those and have it mounted inexpensively.