2016 Nissan Altima Lease Info

Hello All,

Does anyone have any of the numbers for april for the '16 altima? 24/10k or 24/12k

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Which Altima trim specifically, and where are you located? Nissan incentives are regional.

Im in Florida. Trim Sr or sv

I am looking to lease a Sentra or Altima… Is this a good deal? $139 for Sentra or $159 for Altima… Both 0 down…


I like 2 year leases better but if you’re sure not to go over 36,000 miles then sure they all look good. Seems like a really good deal on the Pathfinder. They are probably all base models without researching Nissan further.

Thanks for the response… Should I start with saying that I want to buy and then change to lease to negotiate better price?

Also - any idea how much the disposition fee for Altima is generally? It would be good to know so they don’t charge me something outrageous…

Does Nissan allow security deposit (MSD) bring the price down like how people do in Toyota?

2016 Nissan Altima SR/SV in Florida

24/12K: 59% residual, .00003 MF, $1,900 Lease Cash
36/12K: 52% residual, .00003 MF, $1,900 Lease Cash
Targeted: $500 Grad/Military

$159/month, $0 down is already excellent. From reverse calculating the deal, it assumes a selling price of $20,000 (before incentives) on a car with $23,735 MSRP.

Nissan’s disposition fee is $395.

MSD is not available and would not help, since the MF on this lease is already near-zero:

2016 Nissan Altima S in Ohio
36/12K: 52% residual, .00003 MF, $2,600 Lease Cash

Thanks again… Nissan has $1250 customer cash, $750 APR cash… And then $2600 lease cash… Can they all be NOT combined? I am having a tough time doing this with dealers…

Also… I got a quote for 2016 Corolla LE for $185 a month (all inclusive)… ZERO down… This is TRUE ZERO down… I assume I can do some MSD and bring it down further? Will it be a good deal? There is Toyota $1000 customer cash and then $1000 toyota lease cash… Which they are not willing to combine… And $185 is the price without combining… So, toyota doesn’t allow combining lease cash with customer cash?

Also, can you guys help me where/how to find the residual & MF for my region for Toyota & Nissan?


Customer cash is separate from the lease cash, the customer cash is applied on a purchase.
The Corolla LE @ $185 sounds fishy to me without anything else at signing, they will for sure hit you with DMV, Dealer fee Ecc. ecc.
Also there are no MSD’s with Toyota.

Thanks… Is that the rule for all brands? So if I want to lease a Nissan, I have to give up the $1250 customer cash and apply the $2600 lease cash? How about $750 APR cash?

I do have a formal quote from the Toyota guys about $185 all in… Oh… No MSD on Toyota?? :frowning:

I just searched and found this…


Is $185 a good deal even if I cant work out MSDs?


Yes, there are separate incentives for leases, so in the case of the Nissan you would apply $2600.

I just spoke with my Toyota dealer here in FL, that i use for my clients, and yes there are no security deposits with Toyota, Lexus does have that so it must have something to do with that, or certain states have that.
In general Toyota varries by region.

$185 with just 1st month at signing sounds like a pretty good deal to me, again i would confirm and have the dealer put that in writing and make sure it doesnt say in the dine print something along the lines of " Pricing excludes fees, taxes ecc.".

Thanks again…

I got a formal toyota quote which has detailed pricing with tax, dealer fee, registration fee, acquisition fee, etc… All listed and $185 is correct as per the lease calculator that I used too… It’s for 3 years and 12k per year so if that makes any difference for being a good deal or not…?? I really wish I could combine the customer cash or the MSD at least…

Btw, coming back to Nissan… Here is my understanding… $1250 (customer cash) and $750 (APR cash) can be combined for a total of $2000 incentives on a “purchase”… $2600 (lease cash) and $750 (APR cash) can be combined for a total of $3350 incentives on a “lease”… Did I get it right? Can these be combined any better?

Thanks !!


The Toyota looks like a good deal, im a lease broker myself and i cannot get to that price, thats why im doubtful that it is an accurate price.
Regarding the Nissan the APR cash cannot be combined with the lease cash, the incentives for the lease are just $2600.