2016 Mustang Ecoboost Premium Residual, MF?

Hi, can I get the residual, money factor and incentives please.

Location; Jersey City, NJ, 07302
Trim: 2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Premium
Term: 24 months, 15K mileage


Here are the variables I found, if anybody else needs it, for 24 months, 15K mileage;

MF: .0015
Incentives: $250
Residual: 60%

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Responded to your thread here:

Ford Credit
24/15K: 60% residual, 1% APR (.00042 MF), $250 lease cash
Targeted: $500 Grad, $250 RCL Renewal/Conquest Lease, $500 Military/First Responders