2016 Mini S 2d fully loaded 12/15k $130/mo 0down thanks to loberant

Thanks to loberant and his list 3 days ago. I quickly locked down a deal in So Cal 2 days ago. I flew down and picked up the car yesterday. Then I just wake up now and registered this account to say thank you and share.

602 miles on car, but shows as used. The dealer told me it’s a “BMW executive car”, which sounded like some BMW executive’s playmate for a week and then got dumped but with lots of options to please the executive…

Also seems like only 12 month term has the best deal and l am lucky enough that the car JUST dropped $500 after I almost locked the deal with the dealer. Here are the numbers:

MSRP $38700
Sales price $28984 + 149 phantom footprint fee + 80 doc fee
residual 75% - some mileage adjustment
Base MF 0.000175, and I put 7 MSD.

BMW loyalty cannot be applied since the dealer told me even MINI and BMW are the same financial center but the “program” is different. Corporate fleet cannot be applied since it’s a demo/used.

final monthly payment $130

$1531 drive off including 1050 MSD, 130 first month, license+DMV around 350

$130 15k miles on a MSRP 38700 car with 600 miles is very good I think, the car has many fancy options like headsup display, turning wheel by itself to do parallel parking, adaptive cruise control, etc… but NO HEATED SEATS.

Finally I have a question, when I was processing the doc with their FS guy, he missed the license fee which made the payment $101… But after my stupid question (I was asking if I can put 100 down to make MSD 1007 not 1507), he called his manager and found the problem, so they marked it back to 130 lol. Then I asked him if we did the deal with the wrong number $101, can I still drive the car off but he was “comforting” me saying if I drove the car off the numbers won’t go through their final system then they can still call me back, even after signing off. Since the wrong numbers will void the contract, which I don’t know if it’s true or not. Also if I missed the “license fee” which is DMV’s money, don’t know if the dealer will call me back to fight or they just pay for it and save the hassle…

Anyway, really good deal. Thanks loberant.


Awesome deal!

Long Beach MINI?

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I was debating in my head whether or not to drive down there (LA here) and take a look at it and see how good they would do on it even though I don’t need it. Amazing deal and glad someone on here picked it up. Enjoy!

Sweet! Congrats dude!

Picking up my loaded mini s deal in Houston next week thanks to loberant. $123 a month for 12/15 I decided not to put anything down, only $500 up front to cover the fees.

Looking forward to it!

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Active Driving Assistant is a very hard to find feature. Congrats on getting an insanely great deal.

Just dropped a note to @loberant for a mini.

Congrats! We are picking up 3 Mini leases through Loberant next week! All fantastic prices for fully loaded cars, it just worked out perfectly so 3 of us decided to go for it. Two deals were in the same ballpark as yours, the one I’m getting is a bit more but really well spec’d. Great deal of you need a 1 year lease and great guy for putting these together

@furry are you using the original list @loberant put together? I’m unable to find available inventory using the list.

Thank you! And Enjoy your new car!

Do you mind sharing the list ? Sent you a PM