2016 MINI cooper hardtop 4dr deal (SF Bay Area).. How good or bad?

Hello experts –

I’m living in SF bay area and just got a deal before knowing here today.
This was my first lease deal and would like to hear how bad or luckily good was…

2016 MINI hardtop 4dr with a few option

  • MSRP (the sticker price): $24,550
  • 36mo with 10k mile/yr (actual downplay is $2,613 and others go TTL and 1st payment)
  • 3.5k down pay (incl. $616.66 TTL + $270.08 1st payment)
  • $14,975.50 residual value after 36mo

Monthly payment is $270.08 (= $248.35 base+ $21.73 sales tax 8.75%)