2016 Mini Clubman

Here are my numbers for the 2016 Mini Clubman. Anything I should be concerned about?

MSRP: 28,950
Discount 2000
Sales Price 26950
Purchase option 17080
3 years 15k miles a year
Monthly payment 384.06
Due at signing: 1st months payment of 384.06 +
7 security deposits at signing ( 3200) = 3584.06.
Disposition Fee 350
Doc Fee 389, Registration 200, and upfront Tax 1050.59 at 8.375% rolled into payment.
Money factor .00083 (with security deposits)

FYI, base MF is .00065, which drops to .00016 with seven security deposits.

Thanks, so they may be hiding something in there. Any idea how much this would be adding to the monthly payment (36 payments)? From the lease calculator it looks like it could be as much as 30 a month (1k in total) - assuming I am using it correctly. Do you think I could push to get this reduced?

It depends on how competitive your region is (e.g., if there are a lot of dealers around with good inventory).

You can always try pitting dealers against each other. Something like this usually works: “Dealer X is offering the same car for $XXX/month with $X due at signing. However, they’re an hour away. If you can match that price, I can stop by today to pick up the car. Thanks.”