2016 MF and residual for VW GTI S Unicorn

Looking for quick numbers for 2016 VE GTI S 2 door 6 speed manual perf pack and light pkg
MF is?
10k year
Looking to close deal need some direction

GTI s (typo before) sorry about that

All GTIs have the same numbers:

2016 Volkswagen GTI
36/10K: 59% residual, .00130 MF
Targeted: $500 Grad cash

Thanks so much.
However dealer does not want to play ball.
They now list MSRP $28305 and Internet price of $23,137
Then they want $820 destination fee, $299 dealer processing fee, $625 acquisition fee, $60 title and $164.50 registration. They tried to hit me with $701.85 tax (I’m NJ so tax is on each payment)
The car is listed for sale and the verbal statement is that’s if you buy and not lease. Yet I get 4 random friends to inquire at $23,137 price and they want to deal.
Key point I’m trying to make is I ordered this car it’s not in yet (it’s at the dock) they use it as a lure like bait to get others interested in my car yet they want to charge me $400.41 month
After 3 calls still no solution or solid deal
Why should a car be so hard to get a deal on
Quite frankly I think they are thieves and nuts
I’ll hold off final statements until it’s over or not
Any car for $25k should not be astronomical
$3k down on $25,457 deal should be about $200-$220 including NJ tax
Comments, suggestions or forget it?

ok, this is the latest.
I TRULY appreciate ALL of the assistance given here, however, I need to get all the ducks in a row ,before I make a trip to deal or no deal on the car.
Attached PDF shows the numbers.
I am a NJ lease. The dealer is a Maryland dealer.
In NJ the lease payment has 7% added to it for tax.
I don’t get it regarding $1000+ for “tax”, can anyone make heads or tails out of this quote?
I don’ really feel 100% comfortable with the way it’s being presented and would appreciate any direction or correction of what should be the proper numbers.