2016 Mercedes GLA250 AWD Lease Transfer $400

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to get rid of my 2016 GLA250 which had MSRP $46,250. The lease term ends at 2019 April for 30K, and I had 14K (should be 12.5K) on it right now. I’m located at bay area sunnyvale.

I’m paying $445 (tax included) monthly right now, and I’m willing to transfer at $400 (OBO). I’ll pay for the 1.5K miles that I drove extra if the buyer wants, otherwise I’ll give $375 incentive for that.

The following options are included in the car:
P01 P01 Premium Package:
32C 32C Multimedia Package with Smartphone I
321 321 Sport Package: Brakes with Perforate
00A Illuminated Star
234 Blind Spot Assist
068 Wheel Locking Bolts
413 Panorama Sunroof
521 521 Night Package: Window Frame/Beltline
614 Bi-Xenon Headlamps

Also to lower the interest I had put down $5K Multiple Security Deposit (MSD), would like the buyer to pay me in full for that amount since I’m moving out of the state. You will get 5K back when returning the car.

New to the forum so let me know if I asked for too much…:grinning:

For starters, you should at least upload pictures.

RE the transfer, you should really just not touch the payment and offer an incentive off the top (ie request $4k upfront for MSDs, therefore incentivizing it by $1k). Playing with multiple numbers and payments gets too complicated and doesn’t effectively communicate the incentive.

Note: I’m using $1k incentive as an example. I don’t know how much you’ll need to discount this to get it to sell. I just felt bad cause you posted a week ago and not a peep. I’m a nice guy.

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This car would work for me but the problem is that it’s not a $46k car anymore so a $445 payment is not the great deal that it was when you bought it. For example I see a bunch at carmax with similar mileage offered at $31k. If you waived the MSD that would get you closer to the right range. But 16k is not a lot of miles remaining for 21 months - that only works for people like me who have short commutes.

FYI: I had a 2015 GLA 250 4matic with almost same specs as OP’s. My payment was $490/M (with tons of packages I.e. 3/Y maintenance, rim &stirs, ding removal & 6 key fob replacement) and I had to add $2500 in incentives and pay for the transfer paperwork.
My car wasn’t moving so I had to Step it up!
Had my car listed on two lease transfer sites. It only picked up momentum in mid spring. The entire process took 37 days from the day the lessor applied for MB credit until it was hand delivered a town away. Pretty annoying process I
Must say!!!

Good luck OP …