2016 Mercedes C450 AMG Lease Desl

Just wondering if this is a good deal:

Mercedes C450 AMG 4Matic 36mo/10k
MSRP: $63710
Cap Cost: $53600
Residual: 59%
MF: 0.00123
$1700 upfront ($495 Acq fee, $557 first month, $300 dealer fee, $5 doc fee, $200 reg fee)
Monthly payment: $557 no tax

Also got the tire and wheel protection for $1495. Paid cash for it.

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I would consider that a very good deal. Discount is great, residual is high. What state is this and what is the tax?

NH no tax.

Also here is the break down of the $1700 upfront:

$200 registration fee (does this mean for plates and etc? If I am registering on my own I should ask for this back?)

$495 acq fee
$99 cap cost reduction
$349 dealer fee
$5 doc fee
$550 first month

You can ask for the 200 to be taken off. It seems like they want to get rid of the car. Is this a demo by any chance?

It’s a new car. They claim the $200 is so they can drive the car to my town hall to register it and all.

I think that’s kinda BS.

Looks great! That’s a huge discount for an AMG. MF is marked up slightly; base is .00096 MF.

Acquisition fee is $795 base and set by MBFS… I wonder why it’s $495.