2016 MB E350 demo lease

I’ve been quoted a 20% discount on a 2016 E350 demo with 5K miles that has an MSRP of $63,860. Is that enough of a discount? Confirmed base MF of 0.00011.

I see Michael had negotiated 12% off the new 2017. I feel like I should be closer to getting a 25% discount on the outgoing model.

What did the payment come out to?

$481 before tax on a 36/10k with $1,300 due at signing.

Is there a cash incentive on the 2016s? If so, $480 with 0 due on signing is a great spot to be in if you can get it.

Pretty sure you could have gotten that last year.

Well, if you get 25% discount rather than the current 20%, your payments would drop to under $400 lol. So unless you are burning to buy an E350 demo right now, maybe play it it cool and push them for 25%.

I got my 25% discount after all. $46k selling price on $61k MSRP. $406/mo on a 36/7.5k lease. Would have been $425 with 10k. First month and registration at drive off.

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Yea i got 17% off a month or two after the 2016s came out on 24/12k. 25% is good but not great on a used E350 old body style.

That’s a great discount. Low mileage lease but if it works, it’s a good deal on a 60k car

Short of walking around lots in person, how do you guys find these demo/loaner cars? Someone said “new specials” on the dealer websites but they rarely list mileage. I also heard cars like this usually get sold to people who work at the dealerships or their friends.

Some dealerships may list them under “Specials” -> “SERVICE LOANERS FOR SALE” (or similar wording) and show mileage. But not under “New Cars Specials”. For example, a few nice low mileage 2017 MERCEDES-BENZ GLC:

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Go to dealer websites and look under used inventory (filter for 2016 models). That’s where they’re usually listed. Submit for an e-quote and then ask the internet salesperson who responds to verify if the car you see is eligible for new car lease. I was told that loaners with less than 10K miles are eligible.

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There are even some 2017 already available, did not see E class though. May even be better deals.