2016 MB C300 4MATIC P2/Sport $510 Ends December 18th 2018- Buffalo, NY


Looking to transfer my lease. 55,450 sticker. $510/mo.

30k lease. Car currently has 17,200. Lease ends December 18th, 2018.

Steel grey metallic over cranberry (red) leather. Not MBTEX.

Sport package, Pano roof, Leather. Lighting. Will post a picture of sticker w options when I locate this evening. Clean car with no history or issues.

Located in Buffalo, NY 14223.

Can you even transfer a lease with 3 months left?

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I don’t see anything restricting it. Unless you’ve seen something I haven’t, which is certainly possible. Might be a good bridge opportunity for some who drives high miles that wants to wait until the end of year deals to lease.

Look in your contract. MBFS does not allow transfers in the first and last 6 months of a lease.

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Thanks, Jon. Let’s get this thread deleted.