2016 Mazda CX-9

The new body style Mazda CX-9 hit dealer lots and with me considering a 7 passenger capable SUV this weekend I would love to see the residuals and money factors on it. I know the new model won’t have much in the way of incentives but the residual should be strong with the new body style and all.

I’m also really eager to find out about the new CX-9. It’s super exciting to me because I had resigned myself to a minivan. :-]

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I saw it at the dealership yesterday as we lease one now. The dash looks really nice but the body is nearly the same.

I’d appreciate 2016 Mazda CX-9 Touring numbers for 10K miles and 36 months in FL.

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The body is very different it almost takes a totally new shape compared to the current one. Combined with a much more upscale interior, lighter chassis and all new turbo engine this thing should sell well. Hopefully we have someone with some inside info on it soon

i quickly talked myself out of waiting to check out the CX9 as I couldnt imagine any good deals that would be happening so early on in the release. i only saw one drive by me the other day real quick, and even with that I thought it looked quite nice.

I emailed today 5 dealers in FL asking for $0 down, 36months/10K mile lease quotes. I got responses from 2 of them. Ready to laugh at the first one?

$555-$566 price only valid for 7 days

The second one while still not a bargain is a much more reasonable starting point:

$1995 Down, $369 Per Month (which actually translates to $0 down and more than $424/month!!!)
EDIT: The above was for a CX-9 Sport. Dealer just said Touring would be $399 at Invoice + $500 pricing!!!

To put things in context, I’ve got an email offer in Boston, MA for a 2016 Highlander XLE AWD (V6 engine) for $379 and $0 down! However, would require 9 MSDs.
EDIT: Boston dealer refused to sell car to be licensed in Miami, FL
EDIT2: There is a Toyota dealer in IL that would ship it to FL for $1,200

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those second figures are workable if they could do that with 0 down it would be worth it (369+ tax 0 down)

2016 Mazda CX-9, 36/10K

Sport (FWD): 62% residual, .00067 MF
Sport (AWD): 63% residual, .00109 MF
Touring: 62% residual, .00109 MF
Grand Touring/Signature: 59% residual, .00109 MF

$750 Lease Loyalty, $500 Owner Loyalty, $500 Military

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This is great info thanks Michael

Thanks Michael!

I ran the numbers with the leasehackr calc and on a 37K MSRP and 33K Sale price and I get about $358/month in FL excluding taxes. I have sent 2 counteroffers for $350/month including taxes. I read somewhere Mazda expects to sell 40,000 2016 CX-9 in one year. I hope they don’t sell many this first month and start lowering their MF and/or MSRP or come up with additional incentives.

Meanwhile, I am also hunting for the 2016 Highlander XLE at the same price point as I know the 2017 model is around the corner so dealers would be more likely to have an incentive to start cleaning up their lots.

Do you know what is the invoice price of the 2016 CX-9 Touring? I found out I qualify for Mazda S-Plan which is basically invoice price!

Best to check with a site like Edmunds or TrueCar for invoice pricing. Generally, the gap between invoice and MSRP is quite slim these days, as dealers are often compensated in other ways, such as volume and customer service bonuses.

Here in Florida I was offered $2,000 down and 390/month plus taxes for a 2016 CX-9 Touring (36mo and 10K miles) valid until 5/31. The deal contemplates S-Plan (invoice pricing), $750 lease loyalty and $500 additional owner loyalty.

There is another dealer contemplating $359/month depending on how badly they need my lease to close their numbers tomorrow.

If anyone has gotten a better deal in this State or elsewhere please let me know!

FROM: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/car-prices/florida/mazda-cx-9.htm

I have updated this post to remove the pricing table image. CR has updated their info and it is now accurate. My screenshot was outdated already!

When you have the June numbers can you please share them as well?

Numbers are unchanged. Valid through 6/30/16.

Thanks for posting this. We are in the market for one of these as well but might not move for a few weeks.

If anyone in FL has gotten a deal for a 2016 CX-9 Touring better than $2,000 down and $359/month including taxes, please let me know.

I’m also interested in 2016 CX-9. Anyone got a great deal in CA Bay Area?