2016 Maserati S Q4 is this the lowest I'll get?


This is what I have been quoted for a 2016 Maserati Ghibli S Q4 lease of 36 months after much discussion with the dealer. I’m pretty sure this is a good deal, but do you think they can go any lower? EDIT: Also the lease is 10k miles per year.

Down payment: $2,495 + $636.9 (total monthly payment) $795 (bank fee) + $141.55 (PA registration) + $135 (dealer doc fee)
Total Down = $4,068.45

Monthly payments: $579 per month + (10% PA Sales tax on monthly payments)
Total monthly payment: $636.9

The car has an MSRP of $80,000. Probably going to pull the trigger on this. Thoughts?

Go for it. Did you get the insurance quote on this? Is there a prepaid maintenance?

Sounds like a good deal. Wonder what payment would be for one wiyh 70k msrp. Sounds tempting.

Anyone has numbers for this car just out of curiousity. 24 or 36 month with 10k miles.

Whats the selling price?

Got an email from Ferrari Central Florida that all in stock Ghiblis are $15k off MSRP. If residuals stay high it could be a deal.

Mf is .00001 and for 36/12 the residual is not that great .49