2016 Malibu 2LT California Incentives/Rebate Numbers Needed

I would have considered the 2LT, but everything I read seemed to really like the 1LT a lot, plus it gets better mileage and doesn’t need premium fuel, which I know I’ll be kicking myself about in a year or two when gas prices rebound.

Congrats. $207/month for an all-new $30K car is a great deal!

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I’m having trouble getting dealers to combine my incentives. What are the total incentives I should be able to have in Michigan (with GM loyalty)? Also, did the additional $500 in Michigan expire?

2016 Malibu 1LT, assuming 48103 zip code

All: $1,765 GM Financial CCR lease cash + $500 Incremental Bonus Cash
Targeted: $1,500 Non-GM Lessee Conquest Cash OR $500 GM Lease Loyalty

Hi - what lease did you pay for the 2016 Malibu 1 LT.
i am not eligible for any discount except supplier pricing.

btw, is the private offer stackable with supplier pricing for lease? or it is on;ly for purchases?

Forget about supplier pricing. You should be able to negotiate a lower price than that.

Read the fine print of your private offer. If it does not say purchase only, then it should stack.

Anyone got a 2016 Malibu 2LT deal yet? Looking for numbers to give to my local dealer.

I’m here to report that I finally made a deal on a new 2016 Malibu 1LT (with leather and tech/convenience packages) for $243.90/month.

Here are my numbers:
36 months
15,000 miles/yr
$0 down

MSRP 28385
Sale Price 26280
Acquisition 595
Rebates 3265 ($1,765 lease cash, $500 bonus cash, $1000 private offer–couldn’t use loyalty with this)
Cap Cost 23610
Residual Value % 56%
Residual Value 15895.6
Total $ of Lease 7714.4
Monthly Payment 214.29
Money Factor 0.0004
Interest 15.80
Pre tax payment 230.09
Grand Total 243.90

Due at Sign 626.00

I think I did just about as well as I could do without getting employee pricing. Thanks for all of your help!

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Congrats! That seems great considering the 15K mi/year and the fact it’s a new model.

I don’t like driving most of the the 3rd year out of bumper to bumper warranty.

I can report another successful 2016 Malibu deal. Just picked up my 2LT in Summit White. for 244.67/mo.

I had to extend the terms on the Malibu to 39mos to make it happen at that monthly payment (they tried to push me to a 48 month term, but I wouldn’t do that again, after my last car which was 48 mos.

I also only needed 10k/yr. I don’t drive very much. Just returned my Mazda 3 with 28k on the clock after 4 years.

Down payment was 765.00 which was taken from my GM Rewards credit card. No out of pocket cash.