2016 Malibu 2LT California Incentives/Rebate Numbers Needed

Can someone provide me with the March 2016 incentive/rebates in Northern California for the Chevy Malibu? I’m looking at the 2LT.

I’ve seen some info for other parts of the country, but can’t find California numbers.

2016 Malibu 2LT (not Malibu Limited)

$1,765 lease cash
24/10K: 66% residual, .00050 MF
36/10K: 59% residual, .00040 MF

24 mo: Subtract 1% for 12K/year. Subtract 2% for 15K/year.
36 mo: Subtract 1% for 12K/year. Subtract 3% for 15K/year

Targeted incentives: $500 Farm Bureau + $500 GM Lease Loyalty OR $1,500 Non-GM Lessee Cash

Thanks. Does the 1765.00 lease cash include the 1500.00 Non GM Lesse Cash or can they be combined? I’m at the end of my 2012 Mazda lease now.

Everyone gets the $1,765 lease cash. Add all the other incentives you qualify for on top of that.

Does the same lease cash, residual, and MF apply to the 2016 Malibu 1LT (not Limited)?
I’m in Michigan if that makes a difference.

What kind of deal is this with the farm and lease conquest in Cali???

I’m looking for some Malibu 1LT incentive info in New Jersey and/or Pennsylvania too, if that matters.

I’m going to the dealer in the morning, so was just following up to see if anyone has the following info:

Does the same lease cash, residual, and MF apply to the 2016 Malibu 1LT (not Limited)?
I’m in Michigan if that makes a difference.
Looking at 15k miles.


2016 Malibu 1LT, 2LT, and Premier all have the same MF, residuals, and incentives.

Thanks. Same incentives in Michigan?

You’re in luck. In Michigan, there’s an additional $500 Incremental Bonus Cash on top of the $1,765 GM Financial Lease Cash.

Residuals and MF are the same.

Fantastic. I also received a $1,000 private offer from Chevy, which I hope I can stack. I will report back how I do tomorrow. Thanks for the help!

Should stack, as incremental cash is not a “private offer”. One private offer per purchase is what is allowed. The farm bureau is a “special offer”, so it stacks with a private offer.

Has anyone actually completed a 2016 Malibu (preferably 2LT) deal, and could possibly share their numbers? I’m hoping to use them to motivate my local dealer.

So far, all I’ve got is MSRP minus incentives/rebates in an email, or Come in, and we’ll make it happen BS.

I’ve been told that the $1000 private offer doesn’t stack with the $500 lease loyalty. Have others found this to be true?

My local dealer told me today that the private offer was for purchases only, not leasing. Also, the private offer supposedly ends today.

I’m about ready to give up on the 2016 Malibu 2LT. Short supply, and high demand = very little desire to negotiate by local dealers. In my research, I ran across the Buick Regal, which looks very nice, and is similarly priced to the Malibu 2LT. In addition, it has even more incentives/rebates. Looks like I’d qualify for 4300.00. Anyone have any thoughts, or info on the Buick Regal?

BTW, Love this new tactic by Chevy dealers. Well, new to me at least… I’ve got several email reminders from different Chevy dealers, reminding me of appointments that I never made. Like this one:

I just wanted to send a quick email to remind you of the appointment you booked to come in on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 6:00 PM to take a look at our terrific selection of new Chevrolet Malibus. Guess it’s a win win…you’ll either go to the appointment that you nerver made, or call them to tell them they made a mistake…brilliant!!!

Leased a 2016 Malibu 1lt in Butte Red with Jet black leather in New York today. Car is being shipped from the factory, Leather, Sun and wheels package and technology package,with Navigation. Qualified for the Conquest rebate. MSRP of $30,180, 39 months, 12k a year with 1650 down to cover first month’s payment, tax, tags, fees, etc. 207 a month for the remaining 38 payments, before my GM reward points are applied when I come to take delivery, which should bring it down to about 180.

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Why the 2LT over the 1LT? Everything I read before doing the deed tonight said that the 1.5L turbo versions actually offered a little nicer ride. You can get most of the same options too.

My reason, was the 2.0 Turbo which comes in the 2LT. Got a message from a dealer just now, offering me the 2LT at 1500 down and 240.00 mo. I have about 765.00 on my GM Rewards card. Told him that if he can do it for that, I would go for it.