2016 M4 Lease transfer

Posted my beloved m4 for lease takeover since i need a SUV for my baby girl (she is officially one month old!)
Decided not to keep the m4 and buy a cheap suv awhile ago and changed my mind (i tried to go this route but man…i think i do need a better suv)

Here is the deal that i got originally.
Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2016 BMW M4]

MSRP: [$75995] + 1000 worth of clear bra + window tint = 76995
Selling Price: [$72,995 + clear bra cost]
Rebates: [$1500 lease cash, 1500 Corporate fleet + MF reduction]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [.00067] 0.00137- 0.00049(7MSD) - 0.0002 (corport fleet) too many zeros
Residual: [63%]

Total Due At Signing: [i forgot, probably around 1k? dont need to for lease takeover]
Downpayment: [$0]
Monthly Payment (tax not included): [$745]

Security Deposit Accepted?: [Yes up to 7 MSDs ($5950)]

The car is at 14k miles right now, and still have 16k miles remaining for 23months.
I am offering 3k cash incentive plus some of the mod is already on my car (worth roughly 2k-2.5k)
M Performance side skirt
PSM v2 trunk spoiler
CF mirror caps
CF front bumper insert
CF canard

Please check out the picture and some more details in my bimmerpost forum post

link to my bimmerpost post for pictures (posted it almost 8 month ago and decided to keep the car)

I may not get the BEST selling price on this m4 because im also looking at particular color combo (gray on red)
I might be able to do 1000 less if i dont care about the sale price (btw im buying, the best deal ppl got is invoice + 0~ 1000)

  1. I am giving way more incentive on top of a good deal 2. Not everyone is qualified for corporte fleet discount plus there is no such discount anymore 3. No MSD right now 4. 63% was the best residual for m4 at all time. now its like 57%?

Please forgive me if i posted any wrong information. Typed everything out based on my memory, please point out if you find any wrong

How come your other post and the one on BP says your monthly is $744, not including tax, but this posts says its included? Seems like the car is in CA, so that can add up to $75/month.

nah its not included. Copied the format and filled my info in. Did not see incl tax there, will edit

With your $3k incentive and a low OC tax rate of 7.75%, the effective payment would be around $670/month.

If someone can get by driving less than 700 miles/month for 23 months, this isn’t a bad deal.


thanks for the bump. Also note. 90% of the m3/m4 would modify their car, so all the cosmetic mod that im giving away with the car is also a big plus

So you are offering 3k to take over the lease, but you want 6k for msd back?

He wants $3k of the $6k in MSDs.

yeah ofc…you will get 6k back in the end of your lease anyway plus my 3k cash

Ok so. 3k cash incentive to me…plus I get 6k back at the end of lease via msd.

So you give me 3k. I take over lease. End of lease I get back msd money.


No, you give him $3k now and at the end of the lease, you get $6k back from BMWFS (from the MSDs).

Ok that’s what I thought but his writing is confusing me

i dont want to say you just need to give me 3k at the time of transfer because i dont want to confuse people that im asking for downpayment since that 6k is fully refundable and my 3k cash is pure incentive.

def a good deal if you don’t drive much, however I would imagine whoever takes over this car will need to remove all the aftermarket stuff before returning the car.

yeah you may have to, but its pretty simple. probably takes a shop about an hour to remove them, those are super simple mods.

is this still available?