2016 LR4 Return vs Buy

Question I’ve asked in the past but now the time has come.

I am leasing a 2016 LR4. The lease was 42 months as is due back in June. I am 10,000 miles under what I should be. My buyout is $38,500 from US BANK. The car is valued at around 39,500 or so.

The problem is, US Bank will not sell it to the dealer at anywhere near this number.

Another problem is that I need tires. They are $1200 new or $450 used. And I have to pay $400 dispo return fee.


Do I buy the car out myself and continue to drive it? I’d have to pay 8% tax. The warranty is for 6 more months and I can purchase an extended warranty for about $3000. I like the car a lot, but I’d be paying $45000(with tax, tires and extended warranty) or so for a car that is 4 years old that will need brakes and such in the coming years.


Take the hit on the tires, dispo fee, etc. Get out and get into something new?

Thanks in advance!

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