2016 LEXUS RX350 F SPORT Lease Programs for Jan/Feb

does anyone know the programs for the new RX


looking for 24 months 12K a year
one-pay lease

2016 RX 350 F-Sport AWD
24/12K: 71% residual
.00160 MF

One-pay lease will lower the MF; not sure by how much. We’d be curious to kno!

MSRP $60,284.00
Sales price $57,284.00
Tax $572.84
License, Reg , Fees $323.44
Acq Fee $700

one pay lease

24 month/12k miles $18,480.76
27 month/12k miles $19,954.12


i can’t speak for the 1-pay amount but i can say that $3000 off MSRP is not very aggressive.

agreed but i cant find anyone else to give me more off then $3000

why are you doing a 1-pay lease instead of putting MSDs down?

i have never done the MSD…what would the difference be? I prefer to pay it all and be done with it

then do the 1-pay. For every MSD you put up (i think lexus is up to 9 MSDs) it lowered the money factor effectively lowering your interest rate. I wouldn’t be surprised if on this car putting up 9 MSDs would lower your monthly payment by $100+. Your attitude of “i just want to be done with it” is probably also the reason why you’re only getting 5% off the car. Not a criticism just my opinion. Getting a good lease is work.

lol no i meant as i would just like to pay for it and not have a monthly payment…I will surely look into the 9 MSD and see if i can save some money that way… Thank for your help.

There are other considerations regarding 1-pay such as what happens to the money you laid out in the event of a total loss accident? There’s also opportunity cost. Michael wrote about it in another forum post, can’t remember which one, might be worth searching for it. In my opinion 1-pay leases are only a good idea if you are getting significant $ savings that would make it worth the risk because you might not get your money back in the event of a total loss.

On an RX350 F-Sport, $3,000 is actually a pretty good deal. Dealers are ready to deal on the regular models, but they haven’t been as willing to deal on the F-Sport models due to their current scarcity.

never heard of a “scarce lexus”. Here in S.FL all the high end models are a dime a dozen. Could be different in other parts of the country, not sure.

A One-pay takes off 100 points of the factor.