2016 Lexus RC300 AWD

I would like to validate the quotes that I have received in order to determine whether these are a good deal or not.

MSRP: $50,546
Sale Price: $46,600
Term: 36 months
Annual Miles: 10,000
Residual: 59%
Money Factor: 0.00110
Cash Due (1st, Sales Tax, Acquisition …): $3,670.32
Lease Cash: $500
1st Payment Waiver: $531.63
COD: $2,638.37

Dealership 1 = $531.63 lease payment

Dealership 2 on an identical vehicle, required $3500 = $575.00 lease payment

I am unable to calculate these values. Can you advise? What can I do to lower the payment? (No MSD in NYS). How does the term affect residual and money factor? One dealership mentioned a 27 month term.