2016 Leaf SV quoted for $1800 down, $240/month anything fishy with this number?


I was quoted for $1800 down and $240/month with the leaf SV in Ohio.
Dealer said they don’t have the car on their lot, he will have to locate the car once we agreed on the terms.

Anything fishy about this or the numbers attached?

A couple of issues I noticed:

Residual value is 31% on a 36/12k Leaf SV, so that would make your MSRP 32395. The MSRP on the SV trim starts at 34200. So either they calculated the residual wrong, or that quote is for a Leaf S.

Line n at the very bottom left shows your total cap cost at 31127.12. That should be the same number for a) Gross Capital Cost near the top. They have for some reason added 1759.29 (your down payment amount) to the cap cost and then subtracted it again in the correct place under b)Capitol Cost Reduction. This essentially means that you are literally giving the dealer $1759 for nothing.

And regardless of what the MSRP actually is, you still aren’t getting much of a discount on it. Aim for a lower sales price.

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Thanks for the input jmac, I will ask the dealer on the items you pointed out and report back.

Exactly they are pulling a few tricks on you with respect to down payment and residual. IF fixed, these should drop the payment by a hundred (1759 down payment and at least 1000 MSRP/residual difference)