2016 Leaf S with Charger package

What do you think of this deal.

MSRP $32075
Sale Price $24500
MF .00003
Out the door is $2500
Payment is $99.49 + tax = 108.04

Seems pretty good to me. Of course you only get the 24kw battery but the price is right.


What do any of the Leaf forums have for data?

And what is that $2500 composed of …is there a deposit in there ( if so your payment is not 108 )

Cash capitol reduction is $932.02. The rest seems to be taxes, doc fee and license and registration. So
108.04 x 36 = $3902.40 + $2500 would make the lease total $6402.40
Then there is the $2500 back from California and you are back to the original $3902.40

So $108.40 per month. Maybe not the best deal. What do you think?


So the with the 900$ real monthly is ~25% more than your 108 number

I don’t see much opinion on the deal. Is no one tracking 24kw Leaf deals. I admit it is an instant dinosaur however it would work for my commute and get me in the diamond lane.

It’s a decent deal for a short commute car and gets you rebates and HOV passes etc. Does the sale price include the rebate? To me it looks like it does not include the rebate, so after rebate etc the cap cost is 17k. Post more numbers so we can evaluate the deal. Also with low MF, you may want to ask them to roll the drive offs into the payments.