2016 Landrover Discovery sport HSE

Don’t see many recent posts on here for this SUV. Anyone know MF? Residual on
Landover website appears to be 57% w/10k per year does residual drop to 54 @15K.
Dealerships seem to have a lot of 2016 inventory anyone gotten quotes this month?
What should I shoot for off MSRP for a 2016 HSE

2016 Discovery Sport HSE

36/10K: 57% residual, .00006 MF
Valid through 11/30/16.

Let us know what you find out! 8-10% off MSRP would be a good start.

Thanks they are working up numbers I will post on Monday. Dealership told me the 1,000 incentive on 2017 is going to be added to the 2016 for this month as well. Payment should be good with that money factor!