2016 Kia Soul EV

Location is BayArea Kia dealer quote for invoice.
This is based on 1999 down and 199+tax per month for 36months.
They are giving like 12500 rebate to buy down the rate to meet the residual? I am confused…

Given this is a default promo from Kia, I guess they can put any mumbo jumbo on the sheet or is this car really that devalued? Anyways what is the best way to negotiate on this?


Deal seems a bit off. I’m coming up with $179 mo w/tax $4392 due at signing

$35030 MSRP
$33100 Price

36 month 10k miles

.00034 MF
39% 10k
-1 for 12k
-3 for 15k
$595 bank fee

Hope that helps!

Anthony @ https://DSRLeasing.com


Hope that Helps!

Anthony @ DSRLeasing.com

Have a question with these Kia soul even leases.
Is msrp is 34000
Residuals are 39%
Lease cash is 13000
Fed rebate is 7500
Wouldn’t the lease amount be around 21000-13000-7500=$500?

What am I not factoring in? Or are the msrp already with the federal credit?

With such a low residual it is really hard to get a good lease. Leasing works best with high residual and large discounts.

Lease cash includes the Fed rebate

Thank you. I knew something wasn’t adding up

Trying to figure out the total price on some Soul EV quotes. Is the lease cash a taxed incentive in Massachusetts?