2016 Kia Optima Hybrid - 24/12k

What is the MF and residual for a 24/12k lease on a 2016 Kia Optima Hybrid? Do these numbers change with the trim level or are they all the same?


2016 Kia Optima Hybrid
24/12k: .00084 MF; 56% Residual

Kia’s incentives are regional. What is your zipcode?

I’m in Oregon, 97045.

ALL: $6000 Lease Cash;
Targeted: $400 College Grad; $400 Military

Thanks for the info. For anyone interested, I just pulled the trigger on the following deal. I think they marked up the MF a bit but the guy was adamant that he was giving me the best rate possible… I have top tier credit. All in all I’m pretty happy with the deal, considering the car has some upgrades.

2016 Kia Optima Hybrid Base w/ hybrid convenience package and autodimming mirror with homelink:

MSRP: $29,330
Sales price: $24,700
$6,000 lease cash
MF: .00113
Residual: 56%
Due at signing: $983 ($595 acquisition fee + doc, title, DMV fees)
Monthly payment: $140.50 (I’m in OR so no sales tax)

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Thank you very much!

_i tried to get that deal in San Diego found one dealer that would talk but the mf was .00121 and residual of 51% they also said the cash back on a 36 was 4900.

That’s a terrifically good deal! Enjoy the car

Yea, the incentive for a 36 month term is $4900; the $6000 is for a 24 month term.

Sweet, sweet deal… huge rebates like this work best when in a tax free state…
-jealous WA resident.

how do i replicate (or come close to) this deal in las vegas? don’t think the dealers here are willing to play ball

I sent an email to about 5 dealers in my area and asked for their best pre incentive sales price on the Optima Hybrid. One came back with the $24,700. I then asked him to run the numbers at that sales price on a 24/12k lease. We haggled a bit over the MF but I figured I’d stop pressing my luck and just headed down to sign and pick it up. It was surprisingly simple, actually. You just need to find a dealer willing to discount the sales price and the rest is set my Kia.

ok so once i negotiate a sales price, how do i get the deal from kia, does the dealer organize that?

The incentives are automatic. When the dealer runs the numbers they’ll show up.

Long time lurker, I just closed this deal on LX w/ Hybrid Convience Package, aluminum silver. MSRP is higher because the car they got for me had some protection film already. I’m in CA, so our tax rate sucks.

MSRP: 28,345
Price: 24,614
$6,000 lease cash
MF: 0.00084 (no haggling needed) my rep was a straight shooter
Residual: 56%

Again, I’m in CA, we get taxed on the $6,000 “rebate”. This pushes the price up a bit higher (about 525 over two years). Tax is 8.75%.

I used TrueCar to manage a no haggle price, I was happy when the dealer returned with ~3.5k off MSRP, didn’t want to push my luck. OP had a smoking deal (probably got black/white and that homelink). I did not care for the other colors (which add $500 to MSRP).

I think if you can get a sales price anywhere between 23.7-24.5, you should be golden. My rep was great, he didn’t have it in stock but got it from a different dealer. Also… no haggling on MF.

Cheers all and good luck!

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Which dealer did you get the deal at? What is your monthly payment if you don’t mind me asking.


Looking for one as well here. Can they do $0 due at signing and roll the tax, title to the lease?

It was from Power Kia of Salem. I dealt with the internet sales manager Dwayne. Monthly payment = $140.50

I’m not sure about the tax, but they can roll all the dealer, DMV and acquisition fee into the monthly payments. In the end you’ll pay more because your financing those fees, but if you’re objective is to pay as little up front it can be done.

If this is at me, Stevens Creek Kia in San Jose. I worked with Greg and his counterpart is Scott.

My payment, if I didn’t roll all costs into the lease would’ve been $160 before tax, or $174 after tax.

At the end of the day I’m paying nearly the same amount as a total lease, which I’m okay with. I can play with the extra money in the stock market and make more than what I’m paying to borrow.