2016 Kia Optima EX - Michigan


I am looking at the 2016 Kia Optima EX for a 24 Month / 12K a year lease with 0 down in Michigan.
Can you guys please help me with the RV and MF for the same?

I got a quote with Monthly depreciation at $311.51 and Lease Charges $44.84, with tax it comes to $377.73.

The residual is $15930.15 with Adjusted Cap Cost $23406.46 and $852 in acquisition and doc fee.

Does it look good? Are the lease charges (or the interest) typically this high? Also, say if I add the Premium Package will the numbers change for Residual and MF? Please add your opinion on this as well. Are there any other lease deals (other brands/models) I should be targeting?



Residual will be based off of MSRP. Therefore, if you’re adding in that $2300 package then the residual will change according to a percentage.

Right now the residual on the EX is .54. As for the MF, it should be 0.00011, about 0.26% APR.

The above are CA numbers. I’ve found the best source for information is Edmunds forums. Hop over there and tell them what you’re interested in and they will give you specific information for Michigan.

I think your numbers are quite high because I’m currently leasing an an EX hybrid and my capitalized cost was nearly the same as yours and I’m @ $277 all inclusive.

Thanks @masterchibi
I believe the MF is 0.0011 and not 0.00011.
I did some calculations (assuming the Selling Price) I am looking at $336 all inclusive for Ex with All Options and $255-275 for EX (no optional packages) on a 24mo/12k lease. Is this a fair assumption?