2016 Jetta S 1.4T NY Lease

Hi All. I am interested in leasing a Jetta and was trying to figure out the lease deal that VW currently has. I am not too clear on how to read into the lease. Here are the pertinent details from the website.

$119* a month. 36-month lease, $2,999 due at signing. 30K Miles
Monthly lease payment based on MSRP of $19,600 and destination charges, excluding title, tax, options, accessories, and dealer fees. Amount due at signing includes first month’s payment, capitalized cost reduction, and acquisition fee of $625. Monthly payments total $4,284. Purchase option at lease end for $9,996, excludes taxes, title and other government fees.

  9,996.00 	Residual
  4,284.00 	Monthly Pmt
  2,999.00 	Pmt at signing
   (744.00)	1st and Acq included in pmt at signing
16,535.00 	Price Pre Lease Cash
19,600.00 	MSRP
  3,065.00 	Lease Cash - Difference between calculated price and MSRP 

Looking at this offer, I am calculating lease cash to be at 3,065. Is this correct?

The difference between the cap cost and MSRP isn’t necessarily lease cash. Some of it could just be an amount that VW would expect the dealer to offer as a discount.

What I found out when leasing my Jetta Sport is that VW dealers refused to acknowledge any potential lease cash, but ended up offering crazy discounts in the 20% off range.

For a base Jetta S, I would offer $150/mo + tax with all fees due at signing, or $180 + tax with zero drive off (depending on how much your doc fee and registration costs).

Yeah, after some more research that seems to be the case.

Looking at the costco auto site it looks like there is a $2,500 incentive to the dealer. Also, there is either 1,750 or 2,000 lease cash based on the edmunds lease forum.

Invoice price at 18,849 + 625 acq fee, possible incentives of 4,500, brings the cap cost to 15k.
MF of .00005
RV of 51% for 36 month 10k
Based on that, you’re right. It could be around $180/month with zero drive off.

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Yes the advertised 119 per month offer with 3k down is not worth it.

I’ll second what jmac63 said about dealers being coy about the available lease cash. I recently leased a 2016 Jetta Sport and the first dealer I visited insisted only $1500 was available. The second dealer I visited was much more transparent about the lease cash.

Either way, VW is hurting right now and you can beat some of these dealers down pretty far. My Jetta stickered for $22,115 and, after playing two dealers off one another, I walked away at $17,939 plus TTL. If my math is correct, that’s $4176 off sticker and a 19% discount. The best part was that since the lease cash is a factory to dealer incentive Ohio doesn’t tax the $2000 like they would have if it had been a customer rebate.

Just a word of warning…while VW dealers might be handing out big discounts, they’re not giving anything away for free. My dealer wrote the initial offer based on Tier A credit. When I barely missed the cut-off for Tier A credit and was downgraded to Tier B, the dealer used the change as an opportunity to !double! the Tier B MF. Thanks to the guys over at Edmunds who told me what the Tier B MF should be and with the help of the leasehackr calculator, I was able to confront the dealer over the attempted deception. And, while they never admitted to the mark-up, my monthly payment magically shrank the same amount as it would have if the MF had been cut in half.

Good luck with your Jetta!