2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 bad deal

I’m trying to get my wife into either a Jeep GC or Murano. Made the mistake of responding to an add by asking for the best lease price instead of sales price. This is what I got back. 36m/12k yr.
2016 jeep GC limited 4x4 MRSP 45,555. Sale price 37,771, government and dealer fees at 647.50. Cap cost 3841.50. Residual 26,877. I’m in PA so tax is 9% for a lease.
zero down @7.65% 580 per month.

Yuk. thats a MF of .0031875 and RES 59%. I get that the residual is good, but why such a silly intrest rate? What should the MF be? I’m guessing they are not using Chrysler Capital. Anyone think these numbers are even worth negotiating on. Sorry for the disjointed text but I couldn’t figure out how to upload the pdf from the email.

Ive been trying to get a good deal on a GC in AZ for almost a year. I always get insane numbers like these from local dealers. I don’t know why.

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This doesn’t seem like a good deal. I must be missing something. Here are the numbers on 2017 GC Limited.
MSRP - 44770
Sales price - 38750
RV - 55%
MF - .00421 - Assuming Tier 1 credit (the rate you have from the other dealer seems high. The credit is the only reason it would be so high)

Let me see if I can be of service. Choose a vehicle from our inventory and I will put some numbers together for you.

email me at eglover@dullesmotorcars.com

Did you just post a 10.104% interest rate for Tier 1 credit? Please take your filth elsewhere.

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The car I mentioned above is a 2016 but your deal does look worse. Maybe you missed out a zero in your MF.

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Yup. I did. rate is .000421

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What are they taking into account for your cap cost? Get a breakdown of the difference between MSRP and Cap.

Might make sense to go look @ a 17’ since the MF through GC is .00001 and residual on a 12k Limited is 55%.

LOL. Filthy filthy filthy :slight_smile:

LOL… 20 characters

C’mon, you seem like a reasonable person and it was an obvious typo from a guy who’s trying to be straight forward here. Why not to clarify first? You should know that rates like this don’t exist for Tier 1.


Its all good. I can take the jabs and my skin is pretty thick, which seems to be a prerequisite to be on this forum; especially as a dealer.

Regarding the original post by Drtodd, something is off in the structure for the 16’ Grand Cherokee. That dealer should be trying to get rid of last years inventory, not charging over 7% on it…

We are missing something

Dealer got back to me to say there were no incentivised rates on the 16 and would be cheaper to do a 17. Got the 7.65% from ally bank.


It would definitely be cheaper on a 17.

Around this time of year it makes more sense to retail out of aged inventory - especially since final pay money is coming up shortly.

Please update us on what pricing they give you! It’s always good to see how certain places are pricing their inventory.

Perhaps I could have been gentler…

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LOL. All is good. JB. No worries. It wouldn’t be the Hackrs without the unfiltered, knee jerk responses. I shouldn’t be here if I couldn’t take some jabs.

Quirk Chrysler Jeep has a Limited for $299/mo. 1st and fees lease. Not sure if they’ll lease to you in PA, but worth checking.

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Problem with Quirk is when you go to do the deal they hit you with $1,750 in fees which they are incapable of describing.

That’s what I assumed as well, and probably is true, but someone did post a few weeks ago that they actually did get a deal from quirk on either a Canyon or Colorado. Though I suspect that was probably an exception.

I don’t know what if any changes have happened in the last few months, however a friend leased a JGCL. In the very low 5s from a dealer in Pittsburgh are Rotolos Jeep Name of of sales was Ben / nothing down.