2016 Jeep Compass lease offer $289 a month. Is this good?

Yeah, I am actually still having trouble. They seem very very resistant to give me residual and money factor numbers and every single time I try to state numbers to them they change the subject and tell me “why are you doing all of this work with numbers? Let’s just talk about the lease price.” I’ve literally stopped talking to 4 dealers because of this. I have had to say “I understand. If you don’t want to give me the numbers I appreciate that but I’m going to go now.”

Just tell them that the last time you leased, that it turned out that you were lied to and that in order to get comfortable with the salesman and the process that you need them to be very transparent. “I need some help building trust here and if you are able to clearly give me all the figures that I am asking for, I will have that trust and you’ll be the salesman that gets this deal.” All you’re asking is for them to help you become comfortable.

Ok that sounds good. I’ve tried “if I can get the math that works for me I will stop looking elsewhere. I’m having a difficult time getting transparent numbers and as a result I’m not really able to move forward without those numbers.” THEY STILL WON"T GIVE TO ME. Like the email I showed you how he said “money factor and residual changes per car.” As in he was trying to say the money factor and residual changes literally per every single specific car / vin.

Well, the residual price (not factor) changes with every car since the MSRP is different on most every car due to the myriad of options that Jeep offers. But the factor (the percent number that is the residual value) that is used to calculate the residual value I highly doubt changes from vehicle to vehicle based on the options selected. That said it is not uncommon, however, to see the residual factor be different for different trim levels of a car. So if you’re still considering different trim levels (the deluxe vs the prestige or whatever Jeep uses to differentiate the basic trim levels) then the sales person might be correct. You really need @Michael to pipe in here with the residuals and mf for the make, model, AND trim that you really want to lease (assuming that the Compass High Altitude FWD is no longer the car you’re shopping for since he provided that info already).

But really, you need to narrow down what you want to lease in the first place. Leasing one car is hard enough. Shopping 3 different makes and not being decided on a model will make even the most sophisticated shopper go crazy. Go drive the cars, decide what you want, and work the one car that you like. And if you go to another dealer work the same category of car (same trim level) so you know exactly all the numbers before you even pick up the phone. To do otherwise is going to be very frustrating.

Thanks !

I have actually narrowed it down to a Jeep Patriot, black. As far as trim goes - I’d love a high altitude but that could be too expensive. My ideal car would have a 2.4 L engine, but I’ll take a 2.0. Jeep is kind of all over the place with their trim levels / vs models. Like you can get a Sport (model) with High Altitude trim level (apparently) - but there are like 39 options of mixing that up - which is where the challenge / going crazy is coming from.

But I’ve at least gotten it down to a Patriot! Or a Tiguan if I can’t do a Patriot. But that’s another post. :slight_smile:

It can definitely be frustrating when dealers aren’t transparent about the terms of a lease agreement you’re about to enter.

That said, perhaps you can try a different approach. Using information found on this forum and other sources, figure out what constitutes a good deal in terms of monthly payment and total drive-off, and use that as a benchmark for reviewing any offers you get from a dealer.

I’ve posted the lease program for Patriot here: