2016 Jaguar XF and Fpace

I need the residual values and money factors in Maryland 36M/15k for the below cars:
2016 XF S AWD
2016 XF 35t AWD (there are some different trim levels and I’m not sure if it affects the RV)
2017 F Pace S AWD

Thank you

Here are this month’s Jaaaaaaag numbers:

2016 XF 35t AWD Premium
36/12K: 56% residual, .00001 MF

2016 XF 35t AWD Prestige
36/12K: 53% residual, .00001 MF

2016 XF 35t AWD R-Sport
36/12K: 50% residual, .00001 MF

2016 XF S AWD
36/12K: 53% residual, .00001 MF

2017 F-PACE S
36/12K: 56% residual, .00100 MF

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Any deals to be had on an F Pace?

nope, dealers are getting MSRP to $2000 over MSRP.

Most of them are being sold or reserved before they arrive to the dealerships.

Anything special on f pace? I seen them on the road and i cant think of anything that makes them stand out.

No. The F PACE is in high demand at the moment, brand new model. Can get a much better lease on another car of similar value.

I think just the fact that you keep noticing them is the stand out factor. :slight_smile:


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Still no deals on the fpace? What’s the best u guys have gotten?