2016 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport - $449/mo, $0 down for 39/10,000?

Hi everyone.

I know I missed the great December deals, but is this still pretty good? With the lack of discounts on the '17s, I’m getting the impression that I might not be able to approach this low of a payment in the next few months.

MSRP - $60,120
Selling Price - $49,250
Residual - 53%
Money Factor - 0.00003

Tax (Ohio, 7.5%) and fees due up front (no cap cost reduction) - approximately $2,850

Monthly Payment (39 months, 10,000 miles) - $449

Now, my problem is that I have 7 remaining payments on a 2015 BMW i3. These total up to $2,737 ($391 payment x 7). The payment above is before VPP. I do have a code, and the dealer is willing to use it to eat up $1,250 of the negative equity so that I would only roll over $1,487 into the 39 month lease. My lease is up in September and while I understand that Infiniti is generally pretty aggressive with their Q50 leases, I’m not sure if this might be the best deal that I can get before my lease is up, even after rolling in the payments.

Any opinions would be helpful!

This is a good deal that is turning out into a OK deal because of the negative equity.

@MusleCar got a 2016 Q50 Red Sport with nothing down (no fees or anything else) for $449 a month. He paid just 1st month and drove the car but he did have to come over to CT from OH.

Just wait it out for next 6 odd months and than shop for a Q50. You will most likely get a similar or better deal as 2018’s will be on the lots and the 60K Q50’s don’t move that easily compared to ones in mid 40’s price range.


You are likely eating the whole 2737 in negative equity…that VPP code could have been used to lower your net cap cost, i.e lower your payments, couldn’t it?

Thanks for the replies. Both very good points.

It does look like I will be able to lease transfer my BMW to someone, so that luckily takes that out of the equation.

I’ve now negotiated down to $449, $0 down, with nearly all fees and taxes included ($1,200 due at signing, with $449 of that being first payment). Not quite as good as @MusleCar’s deal, but very close, all without leaving the state (so no travel/gas costs).

If your deal is on a 2017 than you have a pretty good deal there. MusleCar got a 2016 which had more lease cash so you have a comparable deal.

If I were you and provided you have not given a deposit already, would start calling every Infiniti dealer within 100 miles from you who has the car in stock. Use Edmunds.com inventory finder where you can select every option you want and it filters the inventory accordingly around your zip code.

Call every dealer and tell them you can put a deposit today over the phone if they can match the deal you have with just 1st month down.

I am sure there will be someone who will bite it and if not now definitely before end of the month.

Let us know how your shopping goes.


Thanks again for the advice! It is unfortunately a 2016, and no other dealers in 150 miles appear to have a similar model in stock.

However, I’ve continued to work with this dealership, and it looks like I’ll be signing the deal this Saturday (already made a deposit)

$455 (but they are throwing in the $375 rear diffuser and installation that I wanted, tax is next to nothing so I wanted to roll this in)

Only first payment and about $300-400 more for fees up front.

It’s not quite as good as MusleCar’s deal, but I’d say its pretty close for missing the boat on the December deals.

How did you get them to get the price down. Every time I ask for a lower price they say there is no more incentives and won’t budge at all

The difference is you don’t ask them to lower the price. You TELL them that you know what the incentives are from factory for lease vehicles and that you need them all applied to this deal or you are moving on to another dealer.

Show the dealer that you are ready to drive in a 500 mile radius to pick up the car and there is a high likelihood that there is more competition in that area.

Negotiations with dealers is almost an art. You have to make them believe that you know everything or most of what they are hiding from you. Once they know they can either make the sale or stick to their guns they will bow down especially last week of the month.