2016 Hyundai Sonata

Hi All
I have a current 2013 Sonata GLS and would like to get a new Sonata SE.
Looking for a three year lease, 12k miles per year.

A little complicated, I am moving to N California in a few weeks.
Since my employer is paying my move, I could also lease the car in DC (current location) or NY/NJ (primary residence) and ship it if it is much cheaper.

Also, I’m new to all this lease hacking but I learned a lot about MSD etc from reading the site. I am not wedded to the Sonata so if anyone has any other suggestions for a great deal on a midsize sedan now, I would love to hear them…

Thank you!

Check out the posts on the Kia Optima Hybrid; it is similar to the Sonata (although I think they did not upgrade it in 2016 while the Sonata did (just bought I Sonata Hybrid myself) but the lease is dirt cheap even on a 2-year.

2016 Sonata SE (Northern CA, valid through 8/1/16)
36/12K: 55% residual, .00058 MF (Hyundai does not offer MSD)
All: $2,000 lease cash
Targeted: $500 Hyundai Loyalty, $500 BoostUp, $500 Military, and $400 Recent Grad

An excellent selling price appears to be $19,900 before incentives on a $22,585 MSRP car. Plug those numbers into Leasehackr Calculator, and you get about $188/month and $720 drive-off assuming 9% sales tax and $500 loyalty incentive:

There’s additionally $1,000 in Summer Sales Cash, but I’m not sure if it can be applied towards leases.

If you intend to lease a Hyundai next month, might be worthwhile to create a BoostUp account, as Hyundai offers down payment matching of up to $500. Accounts must be open for 30 days.