2016 Hyundai Genesis lease

I need advise please. I have 2013 Hyundai Genesis with 8 months left on lease. Dealer is willing to take car back early and put me in 2016 Hyundai Genesis awd with all three packages for $53,100 list price. The deal is 36 months 12,000 miles per year. $539 first month at signing with $35 payments of $539. How does this sound to you? Thank you to all.

One more thing the car has 4000 miles on it so I guess it was a dealer demo.

You need to include sales price, your tax, residual, MF, that they are charging you. Without a breakdown kind of tough to evaluate.

That is all I have. Tax is included. I also have excess wear in tear that is being rolled over in new car. So it is a ultimate with signature and technology packages and all wheel drive 539 at signing which is first month and 539 for balance of 35 payments total lease payments of $19,404. Please note they are taking my 2013 Genesis back with eight months to go. I assume they are eating something on that.

Don’t assume anything. It’s more likely they are rolling your left payments into the new lease rather then eating it.

Understood. What should a 2016 Genesis Awd ultimate $53,100 list price lease for. My deal is nothing out of pocket except for first payment of 539 and 35 additional payments of 539. That is for 12k miles per year , 36 month lease. The car is Empire State gray with tan interior. Has all options. Car does have 4000 miles. All I am trying to figure is 539 a month tax included CT car is a fair deal. The dealership has the G80 now on its floor now. I have seen deals on this website for less but the cars were less equipped.

Read this, your monthly paymrnt is triple what others are getting

How much do you owe in remaining payments on your 2013? Have you gotten quotes from CarMax or other places where you might sell it?

You should be getting $4750 in lease cash and loyalty bonus, and I’d push for 15% off MSRP on a demo with 4k miles. It should put your payment in the 300s.

Well, 14 days ago one of the reader posted this deal

He has same MSRP so at least you will know possible residual to be 57% or $30,372.
It is possible there is a $7,500 rebate just like that guy has since his post was in August.
So simple napkin type of math gives you $53,285k - $7,500 - $30,372 = $15,413 cost of the lease or $428 a months.
I don’t know how much you are currently paying but I’ll use $500 a month. That’s make it $500 * 8 = $4,000 still left of your lease.
If you add that $4k left to the cost of the new lease of $15 you new total would be $19k.
Which is $527 a months.
I could be off buy a lot because of the fees and taxes but I worked with what you provided.
So it looks liked you payment were rolled over into the new lease.
Unless the dealership proves otherwise but for that they need to provide detailed quote info.

you can’t say his price is triple the other thread is based on because that was nearly a base model, this is the most fully loaded model one can buy. that said, the early lease return is probably adding some cost but not being disclosed. i was able to get numbers around 450 in NJ with no money down (taxes rolled in) and MF of .00017 for a new 2016 ultimate model

How much of the remaining payments on your lease are they rolling into the new car. You could lease a new 535 for that price.

I owe 8 payments of 397 tax included in that.

id wait until Dec, unless you really have to get out of it now.

They’re DEFINITELY rolling over your payments.

I signed a lease on a Hyundai Genesis just like yours. 54k msrp. Empire state. But it wasn’t a demo, was their showroom car with just 7 miles on it.

36 month lease, I’m paying 386 a month, first month payment down. Payment includes the maintenence package.

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does that include the tax? I think you are right they are just rolling my payments into new car. I thought though my old car was about $395 per month tax included, that $539 for the new car which is over 10k more in list price than my car a decent deal. I think right thing to do is wait then.

When you do decide to act on a new lease, you shouldn’t assume that your current Genesis has negative equity. It could be worth close to or more than the residual value and remaining payments, which would allow you to sell the car first and not owe anything.