2016 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 (A8) AWD Riverton, Utah Lease numbers please

Hi ,

I need the numbers for 2016 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 (A8) AWD Riverton, Utah. The dealer is claiming 25% off msrp.

-sales price
-any other lease cash

What should be my monthly payment with no money down?

At 25% off, I’m not entirely sure there’s anything else being offered.

For point of reference, back when I negotiated my deal for the Genesis, the residual for a 36/15K lease was 54% on a 46K MSRP model. In addition to that, I qualified for 3750 in lease cash, as well as 1000 competitive rebate.

Assuming all of those rebates were on the table, had I been able to get 25% off the sticker, my deal would’ve looked like:

46,000(.75) - 46000(.54) - 4500 - 1000 = 4160

$4160 over 36 months excluding taxes, tags, and fees (probably around 3000-3500), and the finance charges which were negligible back when I was looking. In other words, a song.

Mf 0.00023 and RV 55% for 36/10k
$4500 lease cash
$1000 conquest cash
As much as dealer has flex cash

Conquest cash expired on oct 3rd. You have to do paperwork for that date.

I contacted a few dealerships here in IL and they said no more leasing that car because of employee pricing they will no longer offer a lease on this vehicle is this true? I know of a few dealerships by me who have this car but they dont want to lease.

Tell them you want to sign the paperwork with Oct 3rd date. The lease program does not exists anymore. It is all up to dealers to do so.