2016 Honda Civic EX-T w/ Sensing Lease Numbers

Hey folks,

I have been looking at Honda Civic EX-T’s in the tri-state area (Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin) as well as Minnesota. I have not been able to get dealers in Iowa or Wisconsin to go below 22,235. I did receive an offer for 21,935 in Illinois, but that is by far the lowest I have seen in the area after contacting around 10-12 dealerships in the states near me. I have no problem driving or flying to get the vehicle if I can get a great deal. Right now I have the following configured for my best deal:

EX-T w/Sensing
36 months (3 years)
15k miles a year

Lease cost per month will be around $298-$308 month with all fees included.

Fees include the tax, title fee and new license plates.
Other fees are $168 administrative DOC fee and the Honda $595 acquisition fee.
MF is 0.00070 which is around 1.68%
Residual value is $57% of MSRP or $13,700.
No down payment needed

I am hoping to find a better deal than this. I considered putting down money for the fees and ttl, so the lease payment would be less per month… I am still thinking that through.

After looking at various forums, some folks are getting EX-L and Touring for around 300 or a little over. I figured this must have been big dealers during great holiday or incentive months as I am nowhere near that trim level for that price… so I am skeptical of the price being so high for an EX-T. I would like to get this vehicle sooner rather than later, but would prefer not to get buyers remorse with 2017’s being right around the corner with the end of the year coming up also.

Suggestions? Thoughts?
Thanks for reading and your help

Those numbers seem high to me. I leased a touring civic back in February when they had just came out, and paid $0 down and $290 a month before tax for 39 month/15k miles. Have you looked to see if residuals are better on other trim packages?