2016 highlander XLE AWD lease deal november

I just leased an AWD highlander XLE
MRSP $ 40484
Sale price $ 36000
MF in Nevada 0.00124
Residual $ 27414 (68%)
Doc fee $ 399
Lic $ 29
Up front tax ? $82
36 m lease term
12 k
Tax is 7.75%
I paid $4150 up front
(aqusistion fee 650, doc fee 399, lic, 29, tax 80, 9 MSD 2700, first month payment $ 292.45)

Final monthly payment $ 292.45 including tax ( registration is not included)

What do you think ? And thank you for this awesome site


I think that’s a great deal. In addition, the 11% discount in sales price is pretty aggressive. Would you kindly share your lease agreement when you get the car? Thanks and congrats!

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Thank you. Will upload tomorrow

This is indeed a great deal especially for the XLE AWD model. Congratulations. Could you please share details of the deal process ? Meaning negotiating with dealers etc. Thank you and enjoy the wheels !!

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Awesome deal. Blows my grand cherokee deal out of the water and maybe better than front page deal. I looked a bit at highlander but dealers in NY refuse to negotiate. Enjoy it.

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Thank you. I start by knowing the invoice price ( available for example at Costco auto), then send an inquiry about specific in stock highlander in a couple of dealers around my area. Of course you will hit with a number close to MRSP. The negotiations starts. They will call and over the phone I tell each dealer I got a quote with 10-12% off MRSP and simply if can beat it? After that one will bite and send u an offer. In the dealership I used leaseback calculator (great) and compare # s till it is super close.
Hope this helps


Good job on the highlander and nice process, beats frontpage.

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Hi I just got a call from the other dealer sale price of $ 35,800.! So I think u should aim for over 12% discount. Good luck

Did the residual and MF change for November? My Dealer told me there was now a rebate.

The MF went down from 0.00142 in October to 0.00124 in November in Nevada and California. Not sure about other states. The residual is the same at 68% for the XLE trim.

I am in Michigan. I am thinking about a limited.

These info are listed on the front page deal for the highlander. The MF in MI is 0.00142 for October and residual for the limited is 65%. A loaded XLE would be a better deal.

Sorry I am new.

So a loaded XLE AWD with 15K will have a residual of 73%… is that correct?

No 66% you subtract 2% from the residual to go from 12,000 miles a year to 15,000

Huda337 is correct. For 36 m term

I want the 24 month.

XLE AWD at 75% for 12K and 36m , 73% for 15K and 36m as u mentioned earlier

Sry 24m term above typo

Thank you. The dealer is telling me the payment will be $450 for a XLE. The numbers here look much lower for 10% msrp even with no MSD.