2016 GMC Sierra Denali May

Hello. What are the numbers for May for Sierra 1500 Denali’s in southern Louisiana? Looking at a 36/12k. Can’t find a deal yet, even with the national MSRP markdowns for Denali’s this month. Thanks.

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2016 Sierra 1500 Denali 4WD

24/12K: 73% residual, .00205 MF
36/12K: 70% residual, .00155 MF

Valid through May 31, 2016.

2WD models have 2% lower residuals.

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Great. Thank you, Michael. So, GMC is currently advertising 15% below MSRP for 2016 Sierra 1500 Denali’s. With this lower sales price, I am close to the GMC deal that Leasehackr is citing under the Latest Deal page on the website (Truck Yeah! $415/month…). However, I am experiencing push-back from the local dealers in using the lower sales price in combination with a GMC lease with the residuals and MF’s stated previously. Supposedly, the manufacturers rebate (producing the 15% reduction) cannot be combined with a lease. Any thoughts or techniques on how to make this happen?

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In a previous post on this same topic you listed the 36/12K with a 71% residual. Is this a typo? Is it 71% or 70%? Both still amazing residuals for a $62K truck! Thanks in advance.

Nevermind…it was a 36/10 with a 71% residual…thanks anyways. My bad.

I was able to get a $2000 trade in allowance certificate that was good for a lease. I haven’t found a dealer willing to make a deal on a 6.2L as they are evidently hard for them to order and stock.

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How do you get a $2000 trade in allowance that is good for a lease… they are telling me that all incentives are only good for purchase

I did the shop click drive and entered in all my trade in info and it showed up and I just had to put in my email. It is valid through 5/31. Let me know if it works for you.

Would these numbers be the same for Portland, Oregon? Thanks!