2016 GMC Canyon Crew Cab SLT 4x4

Hey all,

I have been reading this form for a short while now and am now trying to follow some of the advise on a GMC Canyon. As I still consider myself “learning the ropes” here I don’t have high hopes this deal will take but I wanted to get out in front of the numbers. Can you all tell me where I might have any mistakes here:

MSRP: $39,060
Selling Price: $35,500 (website has this as $37,364)
Rebates: 17-40AAF:1 Buick & GMC Select Model Bonus Cash Program: $5000, 17-40ACA:1 Consumer Cash Program: $500
Trade-in: 0

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 15,000

MF: 0.00204 (with Acquisition Fee Waiver, can anybody confirm that?)
Residual: 66% (can anybody confirm that?)

Zip Code: 44276
Sales Tax Rate: 6% (Truck is in MI and I am in OH - this is correct right?)

Honestly I am mostly sure this deal will not pan out for a couple of reasons but if I can use this as a learning exercise I am good with that. The main reason I think it will not work out is because the cited rebates do not seem to apply to leases, but I am trying anyway because another poster on this forum apparently did get them applied somehow. Regardless, if I was to plug this into the site calculator, can you all confirm I have the inputs correct here:

Make: GMC
MSRP: 39,060
Sales Price: 35,500
Taxed Incentives: 5500
Acquisition Fee: 0
Miles / year: 15,000
Residual: 66
Months: 36
Money Factor: .00149
GM Acquisition Waiver: true
Document Fee: 80
License/Registrat. Fee: 400
Sales Tax: 6 (MI is 6 and Ohio is 5.75 - I live in Ohio, vehicle is in MI)
Tax is levied on the monthly lease payment (most states): true

If I plug all of those in, the monthly payment including tax is $245. But I might completely be botching the inputs. Lastly, sorry for long post:

  1. Are 'MSD’s a thing with GMC, should I use them? I am still pretty unclear on this topic.
  2. I have an 800-ish credit score and am fine putting more into the drive-away if it is wise. Considering that, would an alternate financier be better?

Thanks all - really enjoying reading this forum!

You could search GM Financial and MSD on here. IIRC, GMF doesn’t do MSD.

I doubt you will need to put more into your drive-away $. Just remember, do not negotiate based on 'what is your monthly budget and how much can you put down"?

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A bonus cash program like that, usually cannot be applied to a leased vehicle, unless maybe you lease thru a 3rd party bank. You would lose out on the $5000 bonus cash, unless you finance.

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I live in Indiana and saw a great deal on the Canyon from a Detroit area dealer. I called and at the dealer couldn’t extend the offer to an Indiana resident. You should check this out. Good luck!

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This might have actually been the one that initiated this post. They actually sold it by the time they replied to my inquiry the next morning.

@GOMD, so is that an approach that you all take when bonus cash is available - to ask the dealer to lease through a 3rd party? I never even considered that.

You could try. The lease programs are always a bit different with 3rd party banks, and IF they let you keep the bonus it still may not work out to be a great deal.

I do not know specifics as to whether this GMC dealer would be able to do it.