2016 Fusion SE AWD

New here and just worked out what I think is a pretty good deal in CO thanks to all the great info.

2016 Fusion SE 2.0 Ecoboost AWD with luxury group 202a and My Touch Tech

MSRP 32945
Sale price 26136
Rebates 3500 (2500 RCL + 500 Bonus + 500 mil)
Residual .51 (12000 miles/36 months)
MF .0002
Tax 8%

Monthly $203

Drive off 1039 (first payment plus docs etc)

MSRP drops to 30165 after options discounts on the sticker…interesting they applied the residual to the higher number which helps with the depreciation amount. Along with the aggressive pricing and 3500 in rebates seemed like a no brainier for an AWD SE with leather and my touch.

Sales guy said he would duplicate…pm for contact info

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That does look like a really good deal…wonder if I’ll be able to replicate it in MA.

Sorry to hijack this a bit, but quick questions for you and any other who have leased a Fusion.

  1. How are you getting that sale price? It’s close to what TrueCar shows me, but that’s after the customer cash. Are those applicable to lease deals?

  2. Where did you get that money factor? It’s different from what is posted on the homepage (.00010), and very different from what I am getting based on the Ford website. I’ll use the base SE as a comparison since I can’t find the AWD option for some reason.

Website shows base MSRP is $23,680 + 875 destination charges. Estimate cap cost of $24,555.

$3500 in incentives, net price is $21055, and gives me a monthly payment of 241 with 0 down and no trade for 36 months/12000 miles.

If I put in your numbers (0.51 residual, 0.0002 MF), I get $262.

Fudging with the residual, I can get the $241 monthly payment if I use a MF of 0.0002 and a residual of 0.54

So are those the numbers that I should be working with?

The key is the difference between the cap cost and residual…for my deal the residual is 16800…for you it is approx 12k. Key is to find a deal where the savings and rebates gets the cap cost as close to the residual as possible. For me the almost 10k off MSRP was the key giving a cap cost of approx 23300.

Not sure about the MF. I also thought it was going to be .0001 but at that level the difference is only a few bucks a month.

My rebates and cash were after the sales price was negotiated down…you should be able to get the sales price down from MSRP…remember rebates and cash incentives don’t cost the dealer anything (paid by Ford) so work the sales price first then stack the rebates etc.

Thanks for sharing… The fact that you got the residual taken off of the 32945 and the aggressive sales price of 26136 makes your deal amazing!

I just got what I think is an absolutely terrible deal.

12,000 miles per year, 36 month lease

$32,980 MSRP
$5,695 in discounts and rebates
Costco discount of $1,771.38
Top MSRP $32,980
Bottom MSRP $30,785
51% residual value
.00010 money factor
Selling price of $29,013.62

With a $1039 down payment the monthly payment is $280.15

This is absolutely absurd in comparison to what you were offered. Something seems off about this deal that they gave me.

I’d say that’s an acceptable deal. You can probably get another $1,000 to $2,000 off MSRP depending on region.

@DOTK’s deal was phenomenally good.

One thing to add…my deal did not include registration. In CO we pay that at the county office when we get the tags…and it’s lots! Will be around $600 for my tags I think.

I cannot figure out why I cannot even close to this deal. My dealer is quoting me $280/month for 12k/year 36 months with $1089 down.

This is INCLUDING an additional $1800 discount that I am getting from Costco, which equates to over $30/month off of the monthly payment. Your deal is WAY better than mine and you’re not getting the $1800 Costco discount that I got. Granted in Ohio we pay tax/title/registration/tags rolled into the lease instead of separately, but that would still only amount to a small price difference.

Think your sales price is to high…Key is to get sales price down then apply cash back rebates etc to get cap cost as close to residual as possible.

Look at some local area online advertised lease deals and try to back into the sales price using the calculator…helped me hold them to the teaser add.

Hey DotK, I’m actually looking for a deal like this for an AWD here in Colorado as well. Just wanted to see how I can get the contact info for the sales guy. I don’t see a way to PM within the forum.

Check your messages:)