2016 Fusion Energi residuals & MF in WA

do you have the 24 mo and 36 mo residuals and MF for the energi SE “luxury” ? Both 12k/15k miles, if you don’t mind?

I am seeing them for $0 down + $199/ mo for 3 years (+TTL and fees…), certainly enticing but would like to get more info before I start shopping. I am in Washington state.

$645 Bank fee

24 Mo ( best if you only want short term and give it back )
12k 53% 2.750% / .00114
15k 51% 2.750% / .00114

36 Mo ( is best if intention is to buy at lease end )
12k 45% 0.500% / .00008
15k 43% 0.500% / .00008


Prgm#60164 - 2016 Ford Fusion Energi Special Financing: 0.00
Prgm#50362 - 2016 Ford Fusion Energi Customer Cash: $9007.00
Prgm#30170 - 2016 Ford Select Vehicles Prius and Volt “EV” Competitive Conquest Bonus Cash: $1000.00
or RDL Loyalty renewal $1000

-Anthony @ DSR Leasing

Thanks for the immediate response!

Is Prgm#50362 $9007 or $4007? It shows 4007 to me on ford website.

program #50362 is showing $9007 with a Seattle WA zip code. Give me your zip code i’ll run it again.

mine is phoenix, AZ. zip 85027

Anthoney, is it because I am selecting 2017 and not 2016 on ford website? Does it mean that ford is giving another 5k of incentives to outgoing 2016 energi model for lease?

2016 has higher rebates for sure.

the 2017 is showing this in the system

Prgm#50362 - 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Customer Cash: 5507.00

yeah that makes 2016 a very nice lease! for my area this program shows $4007 for 2017.
Can you please tell what is the value for 2016 models in Phoenix, AZ?

I wouldn’t pull the car from Phoenix, if you use my services i’ll pull from a dealer i do alot of cars with, so you’ll get the full rebates. Plus shipping from SoCal to Phoenix is only $350