2016 Ford Fusion SE + Luxury Package + Heated Seats/Steering Wheel

Visited a ford dealership in north jersey yesterday - caught what I believe to be a very good deal. Would love to have the insights of the experts here to confirm.

Wife is concerned of reliability and safety of automobile, as we have been Toyota/Honda drivers throughout our lives. This deal seems very good though and was the best price we negotiated with a 2016 Camry SE at $190 after taxes and 2016 Honda Accord LX at $195 after taxes.

Here are the numbers:

MSRP - $30,380

Reduced MSRP - $28,980

Sales Price - $27,509.30

Adj Residual - 15797.60

Allowed Miles Annually - 10,5000

Term - 36 months

Trade in - 2005 Scion TC - 120k miles - good/fair condition - dealership applied value to us - $4000

Rebate $4500

Acq fee - $645

Govt Fees - $306.50

Taxes - $638.18

Features included:
6-speed automatic transmission
SE Luxury Package
Leather interior
Heated front seats
2.0L ecoboost engine
SE Tech/My Ford Touch
Heated Steering Wheel
18" patented luxury wheels
Reverse sensing system
Dual zone a/c

Monthly payment included taxes, surcharges etc. $159

How does this look? Do you think we can get that monthly payment down or increase allowable miles to the $159 price tag? Your help is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!

The $4,000 in trade-in credit amounts to approximately $111/month over 36 months. So effectively your monthly payment is $270 ($159 + $111).

It’s not a screaming deal, but $270/month is decent for a $30K car. Fusion is a very nice car that drives well. There’s a refreshed 2017 model arriving in a few months, so keep that in mind when you negotiate/decide on a car.