2016 Ford F-150 in NJ, Lariat trim preferred but All considered

Please let me know MF, residuals and incentives for a new 2016 F-150 in NJ. I’ve test drove the competing trucks and strongly prefer the F-150 (over GMC & Chevy) despite its lack of lease incentives.

In my most recent emails with dealers, I’ve been offered the Lariat trim with MSRP of 56,390 for $619/mo excluding tax, with just 1st mo and motor vehicle down. I don’t believe I qualify for any incentives. The dealer would not disclose what MF and residual he was using.

Thank you.

2016 Ford F-150 2WD Lariat SuperCrew

24/12K: 67% residual, 3.5% APR
36/12K: 62% residual, 4.5% APR

2016 Ford F-150 4WD Lariat SuperCrew
24/12K: 69% residual, 3.5% APR
36/12K: 64% residual, 4.5% APR

Targeted incentives (choose one):
$1,500 RCL F-150 Loyalty
$1,000 Competitive Lessee
$750 Military/First Responders
$500 RCL Loyalty
$500 Grad
$300 2.7 EcoBoost

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If possible, can you update the APR and Residuals for June? Thank you.

They are the same as last month’s. The program is valid through 7/5/16.