2016 Ford Edge Sport

Hi All,

Trying to get a good deal for the Sport trim.
MSRP 47515 (incl moonroof, 20" wheels, 401A package and Adaptive Cruise control)
eprice on the dealer website - 38950
residue value after 36/12K - 51%
Interest - 2.4%
I am trying to get it down to 38000 and residue value 55%
with 5K downpayment I should pay around 350$ (incl. 6% tax on capitalized cost - Maryland law ;-( )

So far the dealer has offered me really bad deal - 525 with 3K downpayment

Do you think my terms are reasonable? SHould I look for another options?


You cannot change residual value. Plus do not put money down on a lease.

I think ford already has $1000 suv season cash plus $2250 bonus cash. Check the vehicle in ford.com and it tells you how much incentive are on the table. Keep in mind that with this much money you can also get into bmw x3

The dealer “eprice” likely includes incentives that are only available when you purchase. Incentives are different for leases.

I was looking at Ford employee pricing and Ford Edge Sport with $47,230 sticker (very close to your target vehicle) is over $40K. If you can negotiate down to $38,950 then that’s a great deal. You might confirm if the vehicle is a demo unit.

@sepidpooy, X3 may be close to monthly lease that OP mentioned, but vehicle is also smaller including legroom and cargo space. Would you also get as many options (Voice Nav, remote start, blind spot, park assist, 20" rims, panoramic roof, lane monitoring, adaptive cruise/collision warning) on X3 at $500/mo?

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this is exactly my point too

If you can wait 6 weeks for factory build order, you can get X3 with all of these options that you have mentioned except Panoramic roof for $505 with $0 down.

Fully loaded 35i with all bells and whistles factory ordered - MSRP 61K, Lease 0 down, 765$x36/12K/year; BMW Select - 850x36 or 650x60. How did you get 500 with 0 down?

I told you in the other thread, in CA you can easily get BMW X3 xDrive28i with Cold Weather, Driver Assistance, Driver Assistance plus and ACC Stop and Go and Navigation for $500 per month 0 down.
No moon roof and remote start… That option cost about $30-50 more.

@sepidpooy the BMW X3 deal seems to be very regional. Seeing nothing like that in Florida.

@bob61 I don’t think so. BMW numbers are national and you just need to negotiate with dealers in FL. You may have to put less effort on negotiation in CA compared with FL. However it is end of the month and there would be good chance if you can start negotiation now.

In Florida it’s better to go to BMW Gwinnett in Atlanta than buy in state because of the sky high dealer fees

@BoardWalkNJ - thanks, first year in Florida and seems dealer pricing is much less aggressive that I’m used to. Are you suggesting to actually go to the dealer or negotiate remotely and have them ship?

I would contact Adrian Avilla and deal via phone and email. He’s active on bimmerfest and they often get executive demos which can be a great deal. Personally I’d buy a one way up to Atlanta and have them get you at the airport and then drive it home.