2016 Focus ST residual and MF?

Hi all,
Could I please get the money factor/APR and residual for a 2016 Focus ST in Washington state? 3yr/36k please.

Thank you!

2016 Focus ST

36/12K: 36% residual, 0.5% APR
All: $2,750 lease cash
Targeted: $500 Grad/First Responders/Military, $250 Competitive Lease/RCL Loyalty, $2,000 Mustang Trade-in/Lease Return

Such a shame the residuals are so low. This is one of those “heart over mind” cars.

36% of value after 3 years! If the residual is the same as the buy it out at the end, maybe I’ll still entertain leasing over buying as I firmly believe it will be worth more than that. I just like knowing if someone hits me and gives me a damage disclosure I don’t immediately take a loss in value. I guess that is why I like leasing over buying.

Thanks again for the immediate response!

Yeah, it’s a good car to buy and keep at lease end because the residual is low.

Word of caution: Ford Credit doesn’t allow third-party buyouts, meaning even if the car is worth more than the residual at lease end, you can’t get a “refund” of the excess depreciation paid by selling the car to CarMax, Beepi, another dealer, etc. You can never access lease equity with Ford Credit (or VW Credit for that matter).