2016 F-Type S 39 month lease


Was trying to get an idea of how good this lease option is on a used (corporate employee driven so can be leased as “new”) 5k miles

I’m having trouble making sense of the calculator to say the least.

39 month lease
988 miles/year

grs cap cost 66630.25
cap reduction 3438.56 (down payment)
net cap cost 63191.69

adj resid. 47118.49
total term dep. 16073.20
monthly lease charge 336.45

base payment - 748.58
monthly tax 73.36
total mo payment 821.94

total initial payment 4999.98

Help is appreciated, not a lot of time to decide.

What’s the MSRP, Money Factor and residual?

Seems very high to me.

That’s Jaguar for ya~~~

Hell NO! I got my buddy into one for $500 a month/ first payment at signing. 90k MSRP 6-spd Ftype S.

Give me till friday and Ill get you one.

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MSRP is 91k and change new with options.

I’m assuming the gross capitalized cost is the sales price? at 66630? at least that’s how the salesman is pitching it.

no money factor yet

adjusted residual is what I’m assuming is residual. 47118

What is this “monthly lease charge” ? It’s the first I’m seeing of this. Or is this the money factor? because that would be excessively high.


That sound like a deal to me

I am in Washington though!

Where are you located?

If you can indeed then that’s a deal and I might want another vehicle in addition very soon.

S in Ammonite grey, coupé, auto preferred.

Can you please pm me the deal, i am interested. Thanks

Wait, how many miles?

I’d be in too if it is not too much trouble! I’ve been looking for a while but deals have pull a switch when I go to lease and raising the price. I’m in Maryland and figure on paying tax to get the deals others are getting . I’d LOVE a Firesand S AWD model if you can find one and would certainly pay to have it shipped if needed Thanks in advance!!

I’m in CA if you have one!

In okla/tx. Def interested at that price. Preferably in okla

I dont have any right now. But there is a factory sale tomorrow

Looks like I have to buy a bunch :slight_smile:

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9,888 lol.

Any other input as to the monthly cost with that high of a lease charge?

Yeah OP this is no bueno. My FTYPE is a base convertible but its packed with options which give it about a $81000 MSRP. Put 5k total down and my payments are $480. This is for 33 months with 10k annual miles.

Why can’t I just find something like that… lol
How much negotiating did that take for you?

A good amount haha, a lot of back and fourth. Really all I did was find competitor offers from around my state that had lower prices and told the dealer that if they could match it, I would purchase from them; if not, then they weren’t getting my business.

I had seen a post previously where they were discussing third party finance companies that do leases, can someone point me in the direction of some well recommended companies?
I figure this could be my out, if they would honor vehicle pricing itself anyway…


I’m interested in Cali if you have any available.

Here is sales persons most recent response when I asked why lease charge was so high (336/month)

"Hello Duane,

Normally this time of year the lender will modify previous model year rates to standard rates vs promotional rates. My take on this scenario is the manufacture is lowering the price so dramatically the best way for them to state a business case for doing so is by having a standard lease rate."

Is he implying Chase is the one that makes this determination when he uses the word Lender?

Also, who are our good third party lease finance companies?