2016 CTS 2.0T Performance (Demo) for $542/month

Below is the following deal I’m looking at on this CTS. Keep in mind, I live in a state that requires you to pay sales tax on the entire car. I do get supplier pricing because of my employer as well as GM Loyalty lease. This is only with first payment down, I know the MF is marked up and the dealer said he isn’t willing to go lower cause they need to make some money on the car. If it was the right MF, payments would be right at $500/month. We’ll see if I can crack him. Thoughts?

Fees upfront of “N” – does that mean $0 drive-off and all costs rolled into the payments? If so, $542/month looks great, especially for a $64K car.

I test drove a CTS at a recent Cadillac event and came away impressed. Very tactile steering feel. The XT5, on the other hand… that felt like a car from a completely different brand.

He told me first payment, but maybe he messed it up. Either way, that’s only like a $15 savings if I have to pay the first payment. Price is very good, that’s for sure. If it falls through, I’ll share where someone can get this car. Also, I can get a CTS VSport for near the same price, but it doesn’t have some of what I want (adaptive cruise, digital dashboard, HUD, magnetic ride, etc) and I’d rather have a very well equipped 2.0T that’s better on gas.

I just wish they had tax credits right now, manufactures do it randomly and on certain trims. My payment would be 425-450 depending on if I can talk him down on the MF.

It’s a demo with 4.8k miles. Sales Price seems too high. 22-25% off MSRP + rebates is what I would shoot for.

Why not to try to get it for free? LOL
It would be $347/mo if that happened. He’s already getting 23% off MSRP.


If you are using supplier pricing, GM is going to reimburse the dealer some of that discount, so not sure if salesman is accounting for that or not in his “need to make some money” comment.

347 a month seems par for the course for a 2016 demo/loaner bmw 5 or e350 series. Please check the forums or dealer ads. I don’t think this is an unreasonable target to shoot for for CTS 2.0 which is in the same league.

And certainly, there are “free” leases on leasehackr. I am not saying everyone will get them from anywhere, but those unicorns do exists and make front page :slight_smile:

Deals that you mentioned don’t happen on every make/model $64K cars. You can’t compare BMW’s and Cadillac’s residuals - they are in a different league. Just being reasonable (and 23% off is reasonable on a demo CTS) should suffice.
BTW: how about your favorite “1% rule”? This lease is way better than that :wink:

1% rule is only applicable for brand spanking new. For demos, we deduct 0.1 basis point per 1k mile driven lol :slight_smile:

Ones you drive your almost-brand-spanking-new demo off the lot, you forget about these extra miles and enjoy your new car, I’d think :slight_smile:

Yup but when you cut those payment checks every month, you will certainly wish those monthly payments were lower and the only way to lower them is right before you drive off :slight_smile:

Nope, if you are happy with what you got in the first place. I got my Volvo in March for $327/mo, when lease cash/conquest amounted to $6.5K. In July it was, I think, around $10-11K. So what? I wanted to stay under $350/mo and I’m happy with my current payments, knowing that some folks here got their Volvos for under $300/mo.

@vhooloo so since this car has almost 5k on it, you really think a “good deal” would be .5% of MSRP? That’s $321/month.Even if I used the base MF, I’d still need to get $5k more off the car, I can’t imagine that being possible.

And just like @Ursus said, I think I’d be happy with the “almost new” car around 500/month. If I had my way, I’d really like to get it between 400-450, but I don’t know that it’s realistic. The only other play I might have right now is finding out if the warranty has already started on this car, which from my understanding, it has because it was a demo. If that’s the case, I might have some more room for money off the car.

The .5% was tongue in cheek. I think 20% MSRP + rebates is doable. If you are happy with 500 a month, then it is indeed a good price for you and power to you. Also since yu are in Texas, you do owe a fair chunk of change to the State which us Bay Staters do not :slight_smile: For me, 350 a month + taxes (be it texas tax or mass tax which is puny) is a fair deal.

THis is the discount I got last Thursday. YOu are free to say apples to oranges but the concept should be the same
2016 Ram 1500 Eco Diesel Crew Cab 4X4
Call Now: (877) 232-4150
Lease for only $189/mo
w/$2999 for 24 mos.*
Zero down lease for $289/mo
for 36 mos.*
Available APR 0%
for 36 months available
Quirk Price $35,498
ORIG. MSRP $54,545
REBATE $10,309
QUIRK DISCOUNT $6,238 Save Up To

@vhooloo you paid 19.5k for a 54k truck?? Damn! I know it’s off topic, but I’m just curious what your lease terms and payments were on that thing.

No I did not pay 19k, it was save 19.5 k on a 54k truck. so sales price was 35.5

Sorry, was a bit hard to read. I was gonna say lol

Talked a little bit more to the dealership about the residual changing from the miles, the warranty, and the MF. They said the residual percentage stays the same and that the mileage (which is actually 5,500) increases the payment by $2-3/month. Warranty started in January, but on a 39 month lease, I’d still be within the warranty, so that’s not a big deal. He finally said he’d give me the “buy rate” on the MF of .00025 and he said he’s all in on that car, won’t take anything more off for the miles or 9 months of warranty I don’t have. He also said the GM Loyalty is still $750, not $1000.

Can anyone confirm the GM Loyalty incentive?

$750 per http://www.courtesyvalue.com/incentives/md47/