2016 Civic EX-L Lease Questions

Hi Everyone,

I am going to be a first time car owner and looking to lease my first car. I found this deal at my local Honda for a 2016 Civic EX-L, and was wondering if it was a decent deal and/or if anyone has any tips as to how I might get an even better price?

I just found these forum’s, so please forgive me if I didn’t provide all of the correct or necessary information, I am just going by what I found on my local Honda’s website.

Civic EX-L MSRP $24,535
Lease for $171 per month for 36 m/o’s with $1171 due at signing + tax, tags + mv fees.
Due at Signing = $171 down payment + 1st mo. payment + $0 security deposit + $595 bank fee plus tax,tags,mv fees.
Total payments / Residual: $6156/$13585
Thank You!

How many miles and months?

36 months, 30,000 miles

What state do you live in? It matters because some states tax the entire sale price, but most tax the final payment.

Also, need MF and sale price and exact final payment.

Yes, i love that app. Give us all your personal info and wait we going to run a soft credit report on you before we allow you to register. BS

I think the poster is the creator of the app :slight_smile:

@NY13 @chrisgo A soft credit pull DOES NOT go on your credit!! it will not put a inquiry on your credit report!

Why would someone want to enter personal info into some app (even with “soft” inquiry) when everything is available on the internet?


The soft credit check is so that the prices you see is the price you get, (unlike calling a dealer getting a price and then run your credit only to find out that you are tier 2 or 3 and then the prices jump up)

So we have partnered with Experian Auto Aid which alows us to pull a SOFT credit check without giving your SSN (no inquiry’s or anything on your credit report) so you can see LIVE and accurate prices for your tier,

So the price you see is the price you get! And ofcourse the cars you see are actual live inventory,

Understand, but if I know that I’m tier 1 then I don’t need to verify it through your app. Wouldn’t an option to just select my tier and see corresponding prices make more sense than forcing people to enter personal info? Granted, some people don’t know what tier they are in, but in this case they could look up prices for different tiers to get idea.

We do not ask for a SSN all you need is name and address and DOB,

And some people might be tier 1 for Toyota but tier 2 for Lexus (Just an example) so by putting in very simple information again NO SSN NEEDED you will see every car at the price you see is the price you get,

Check it out, you will be impressed with the prices,

@ursus … at the end of the day, I think if somebody else besides @HonckerLeasing (the owner of the app) recommends the app then you will have a winner … we will just have to wait and see if it gains any traction


Your right, but no one else will advertise it, (just like we dont advirtise for anyone else)
All i said is check it out, (if you really want recommendation feel free to Email us we will give you many)


That’s exactly the info you don’t want to give to a middle man :slight_smile: TrueCar doesn’t ask for DOB to connect you to a dealer (not that they have great prices) . Don’t see how your business is different from them.

@chrisgo - sure, there will always be people who give personal info without thinking twice.


You should check it out, and ask the questions you have after you check it out,

I wish you luck in your venture but again, most people here know their credit tier. Again, maybe it will take off but just something to keep in mind.

Here you go :slight_smile:


We are currently live in NY, NJ, CT, PA,

Not yet in CA
Which we will be shortly,

And the poster clearly wrote NJ lease

That is why i only wrote it to people that were looking in the area we currently cover,

That’ fine, but you should clearly state it here and in your app. As it is now - you just have people enter their info to show them nothing.